2 Magnetic Solar Wireless Backup Camera HD 1080P 7inch Monitor Kit – Rechargeable Battery, 3 Mins Installation for Car Truck Camper Small RV, Hitch Rear View Camera for Trailers, Fifth Wheels (SW7-2)
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➤【RELIABLE SIGNAL】 The 7-inch monitor that comes with this wireless backup camera system provides a stable signal and eliminates any delay in the picture, making it a more reliable option compared to WIFI backup cameras without a matching monitor. The wireless transmission range of 100 feet and stable signal at high vehicle speeds ensure a clear image in real-time.
➤【HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE】 The IP68 waterproof and IR night vision capabilities of this wireless backup camera ensure clear and detailed images even in challenging conditions, making it an ideal choice for a wireless trailer camera.
➤【LONG WORKING TIME】 With a minimum continuous working time of 12 hours and a solar charging panel, this wireless backup camera system can work continuously for 24 hours if fully exposed to the sun. This feature is particularly useful for those who need a wireless backup camera for trucks or other large vehicles that require a longer working time.
➤【REVERSE HITCH GUIDE CAMERA】 The wireless backup camera for car also comes with a reverse hitch guide camera feature, which provides a clear and accurate view of the area behind the vehicle, making it easier to park or hitch up a trailer.
➤【PORTABLE DESIGN】 With its built-in battery and compact size, this magnetic camera wireless backup camera system is easy to carry and can be used anywhere you need it. The magnetic camera base also allows for quick and easy installation and removal, making it a versatile and convenient option.
➤【Free】If your vehicle has an aluminum body, please contact the seller to obtain a complimentary metal plate. The metal plate comes with 4 screw holes, allowing you to securely attach it to the vehicle body using screws.

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