12V Portable Car Fan 8 in RV Cooling Fan with Clip Cigarette Lighter Plug 2 Speed Switch Heavy Duty Black Metal Fan use for Auto Truck Camper Boatand Buses
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★ Specification:
Product Name:car Fans
Color: Black
Material: ABS Metal
Power supply: Cigarette lighter charging
Speed: Fast / Slow
Input: 12V
Application: Easily mounted on any car, truck, vehicle or RV. use less A/C with continuous air circulations powered by our 12 volt car fan

★ Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before use to understand the use and maintenance methods and precautions of the electric fan

2. The fan blades of the electric fan are important components. When installing, disassembling, scrubbing or using, the protection must be strengthened to prevent deformation.

3. The oil or dust of the car fan should be removed in time. Do not wipe with gasoline or strong alkali to avoid damage to the surface paint parts.

4. If the car mount fan is hot during operation, abnormal burnt smell, shaking head is not working, the speed is slow, etc., do not continue to use, and the power supply should be cut off in time.

5. Before storing the car air fan, thoroughly remove the surface oil and dust, and wipe it with a dry soft cloth, then wrap it with kraft paper or clean cloth. The storage place should be dry and ventilated to avoid extrusion.

🚗❄️‘’【Fans are Healthier Than Air Conditioners】Using car air conditioners for a long time, poor air quality can make people dizzy, fatigued, dry skin, etc. Use the car fan, open the car window, and let the natural air circulate and the temperature is suitable.
🚗❄️‘’{2 m Cord Cigarette Lighter Plug} – The cigarette lighter plug power cable is up to 2 m which makes the fan extremely convenient, you can fix in the front or back seats. Cool for your baby, guests or pet dog at back seat or driving seat.
🚗❄️‘【’Keep Cool】: When you just enter the car and feel sultry and airtight, This car fan will bring you a pleasant breeze and happy mood The fan for car can increase the air circulation in your vehicle and help to ventilate and defog your car..And provide you and your family with a healthy and comfortable environment.
🚗❄️‘’【Widely Applicable】 This 12V car fan is suitable for all van/SUV/RV/ATV with 12V cigarette lighter. You can also use it for home/office/gym/camping, as long as you can provide DC12V power or transformer, and it will be work fine.

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