Yada BT53901F-2 4.3 Inch Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Matte Black | 4.3″ Monitor | Car Truck SUV

Yada is dedicated to safe driving practices and strives to limit distractions for drivers. The Yada Digital Tiny Traveler is intended to aid in helping drivers traveling with a baby remain focused on driving safely and still have the security of being able to glance at the baby in the back seat. A driver’s main focus should always be on the road and surroundings, with operating the vehicle safely. The Digital Tiny Traveler allows the driver to monitor the baby’s activities without having to turn around and take their eyes of the road.

Product Features

  • Glance at your baby without having to turn around
  • See your baby clearly at night
  • Wireless camera comes with 2 options for the headrest mount and a suction cup mount for flexible placement
  • Camera needs 12V power and transmits wirelessly to the monitor

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3 Responses to Yada BT53901F-2 4.3 Inch Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Matte Black | 4.3″ Monitor | Car Truck SUV

  1. Anonymous says:

    Plugs broke into pieces! Cheap 12 volt plugs broke into pieces!Requires 2 cigarette lighter outlets to use. 1 for the camera and 1 for the monitor.Clear picture even at night and is the perfect size!The first plug broke 2-3 months into it. The second about the 4 month Mark. We don’t go to many places except a few times a month so I’m assuming anymore use than that it would have been sooner. These plugs are the cheapest manufactured I’ve ever seen! Seriously 12 volt plugs are only a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This works fine, just be careful when you are putting the … The picture is clear (eerily so in night vision mode) and installation was quick and simple. We have a 2014 Sienna and it is installed to allow us to see the baby in her rear facing seat. She also has a little mirror to look at so we just extended the headrest on the seatback and pushed the camera in underneath. That way she still has her mirror and the camera is low and stable enough! It does require two car “outlets” so we had to run the power cord for the…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Poor video quality We were excited to receive and install our video monitor to watch our rear-facing infant, ditching the mirror for technology. Sadly, we were extremely disappointed in the video quality of this camera/monitor setup. You can’t tell if your baby is awake asleep or breathing based off the images, we tried it both day and night and were very unimpressed. At this price point ($130) this should be crystal clear video, not grainy and poor quality.If you do purchase this, I highly recommend…