Why RVers Need RV Roadside Assistance Coverage (5 Reasons)


As great as the RV lifestyle is, you’ll likely end up broken down on the side of a road or in a campground at some point. That’s when RV roadside assistance coverage really comes in handy. But that’s not the only reason we recommend having it…

Like many RVers, you may wonder if RV roadside assistance is worth it. After more than a decade of living the RV Lifestyle, Jennifer and I confidently say yes, it really is worth it. 

That’s why I recently wrote an article about the Best RV Roadside Assistance providers. But then realized I should probably write another article explaining why RVers need roadside assistance in the first place. 

So, I’m going to do that for you now. I’m going to go through the benefits of RV roadside assistance coverage and why we recommend every RVer invests in it.

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5 Reasons RVers Need Roadside Assistance Coverage

In that article, I included a few good options for providers, but I highlighted Good Sam as our provider of choice. For ease’s sake, I’m going to focus on Good Sam for this article, outlining all of the perks it offers. Sure, there are some other good providers, but it’s the one I’m most familiar with. 

We’ve been members of Good Sam for a very long time now and it’s come to the rescue a few times. However, the membership goes beyond fixing a flat tire or jumping a dead battery. We’ll start there but then move on to some of the other benefits you may not have considered yet.

1. You’re Going to Breakdown

It’s not a question of if but when. Breaking down is just a reality of the RV lifestyle. Whether it’s a flat tire, smoking engine, or dead battery, you’ll find yourself stuck on the side of the road or unable to leave your campsite. 

So, take a deep breath and accept it as a given. Now ask yourself, what would I do when I break down? If you don’t have RV roadside assistance, the answer will likely be a costly and time-consuming one. 

2. 100% Towing Coverage

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

When your RV does break down, one of the biggest potential costs is towing fees. As RVers, we often find ourselves in remote places, and towing charges can quickly add up. Standard (non-RV) roadside assistance usually has very limited towing ranges before they start charging per mile. 

RV roadside assistance, however, covers longer distances depending on their plans. Good Sam covers 100% of the towing fees to the nearest service center. It doesn’t matter if that’s 5 or 500 miles away. And that’s included in Good Sam’s Standard Plan.

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3. RV Mobile Mechanic

Like Yogi the Bear, RVs aren’t your average vehicle. Not just any mechanic can fix them. 

The great thing about Good Sam is they’ll send a mobile mechanic to your location to help with minor RV roadside repairs. It saves you a lot of unnecessary travel and wasted time (and towing!). You only have to pay for parts and labor, which you’d have to do anyway.

Again, that’s included in Good Sam’s Standard Plan! The Platinum and Platinum Complete Plans offer even more great coverage. (Are you starting to see why we recommend Good Sam over any other RV roadside assistance coverage?)

4. Big Discounts

Good Sam Club

Now, if Good Sam only offered RV roadside assistance coverage, I might not give it the glowing endorsement of it being worth the cost. (Actually, I probably would.) But Good Sam offers another big perk: discounts!

Good Sam membership includes the following discounts and savings:

  • Save 10% on 2,000+ Good Sam Parks and Campgrounds
  • Save 5¢ off gas and 8¢ off diesel at select Pilot Flying J locations
  • Save 15% on propane every day at Camping World & Gander RV retail locations
  • Retail discounts at Camping World and Gander RV locations
  • Free RV dump stations at select Camping World & Gander RV retail locations
  • Free shipping on online orders with a minimum purchase at Camping World, Gander RV, and Overton’s
  • Save over 60% on the Good Sam Campground & Coupon Guide
  • Save over 40% on an annual HearHere subscription*

*HearHere has a growing library of 9000+ stories all across the US narrated by some of your favorite voices, like Kevin Costner, John Lithgow, and Phil Jackson. These audio stories let you focus on the road while hearing about your surroundings.

5. Peace of Mind

In the end, all of the perks of RV roadside assistance coverage come down to one major benefit: peace of mind. Knowing that you won’t be left stranded or with a big bill really helps put your mind at ease. 

Not to mention how RV roadside assistance can really save the day, or even an entire camping trip if something goes wrong. It takes a really frustrating situation and makes it manageable. 

Plus, the discounts help relieve a bit of the financial burden that comes along with RVing.

Special Savings! Good Sam Discount

Good Sam memberships start as low as $29 for 1 year. (Yes, 1 year, not per month.) Or you can save by joining for 3 years for $79 total. Good Sam is also offering a big discount for the month of June (2022), so be sure to check it out while it’s still available. 

Granted, there are other good RV roadside assistance providers, and it’s always worth comparing different plans. But Jennifer and I have been Good Sam members for a long time and have been very happy with them. 

No matter which service provider you choose, however, we do encourage you to seriously consider investing in RV roadside assistance. You’ll be very glad you did!

What About RV Extended Warranties?

Speaking of RVs breaking down, I think it’s prudent to mention RV extended warranties. If you aren’t familiar with them or want to learn more, read Wholesale Warranties: What It Is & Why We Recommend Them.

And, while we’re at it, might as well mention the 5 Professional Tips for Buying RV Insurance. Having the right types of coverage will keep you protected and on the road for a long time to come!

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