Wholesale RV Values Set New Records, May Have Peaked – RVBusiness

The wholesale value of RVs at auction set new records, according to the Black Book RV Market Commentary for August.

“The values of used RVs sold at wholesale auctions rose across the board once again last month, but the increases were less than we have been seeing recently,” reports Eric Lawrence, principal automotive analyst, specialty vehicles. “It’s likely that supply is finally catching up with demand, especially on the new side, where factories are producing record numbers of vehicles every month. Auction volume dipped once again, probably due to dealers holding on to their trade-ins.”

“Taking a closer look at the markets, we see that the average selling price for motorized units was $69,157, which is up $534 (0.7%) from the previous month. Towables came in at $23,654, up $478 (2.1%) from last month. One year ago the average motor home sold for $51,574 and the average towable unit brought $18,331,” he said.

Lawrence notes auction volume was down for all market segments: motorhomes decreased 11.3% while towables dropped 2.5%. The average age of motorhomes was eleven years (2010), and towables was six (2015).

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