Weivision Universal 360 Degree Bird View System Car DVR Record Panoramic View All Round Rear View Camera System for All Car

Main feature:
1. Perfect bird view (aerial view, round view, or panoramic view) of the car surroundings
2. 4 Channel recording from the 4 cameras

Brief of the recording function:
1. The system will automatically start recording when the engine is on, with loop recording for every 5 minutes. For a 2GB TF card, it can last about 1 hour.
2. When the car is ignited and the monitor doesn’t show the video from the cameras, the system will record in the background. The bird view and the front view will be recorded.
3. When the car is ignited and the monitor is showing the video from the cameras, all the scenes displayed on the monitor will be recorded. (It could be the bird view and one view of left, right, front, or rear view).
4. There will be an USB interface with the system which can be used to connect a PC to copy data from the TF card.

Note: Please comfirm that there is a in-dash monitor or other LCD monitor which can input and display a PAL or NTSC video(RCA interface) in your car.
The video output of this product only fit for the Monitors which with RCA interface, please check your car’s monitor carefully. (Generally, the video input interface of “original car monitor” is LVDS or other else. And the car monitor(DVD, GPS Navigation) which you bought separately has a RCA interface).
If your monitor don’t have RCA interface, you need a video decoder.

Packing list:
Control box X 1
Camera X 4
Infrared receiver X 1
Power cable X 1
Extension cable of camera X 4
Calibration cloth X 4
Remote control X 1(Without battery due to Airline limitation)

(Not includes the monitor)

Product Features

  • Please be noted: this system should Professional Installation, this this unversal model, the car side mirror should drill a 20mm hole to install the side camera.
  • 4 Super wide angle(above 170 degree) Cameras, Waterproof IP69, Night vision
  • Provide the driver a clear 360 degree bird’s-eye view around vehicle, Universal for almost all the cars(Except long vehicle such as buses)
  • Eliminate most of the blind spots, makes much easier for parking and passing the narrow road
  • Seamless Splicing Technology, Auto image mosaic

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2 Responses to Weivision Universal 360 Degree Bird View System Car DVR Record Panoramic View All Round Rear View Camera System for All Car

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice while it lasted, but not built to last. I waited 9 months to install this and then got it in, and thought I loved it. The Micro SD reader was dead on arrival, no biggie, USB is easier to access if I want the videos anyway… Then 4 months in it got to the point that every time the car started it would tell me I had no storage. Then 9 months in it wouldn’t always come one. Now a year after the install, it is dead. The little green light comes on, but no video comes out.Based on the reliability it isn’t worth the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Five Stars