We thought the Red Ventures campus couldn't get any cooler… Here are 23 photos inside RV4.

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The expansion into Red Venture’s fourth building in 2016 nearly doubled the size of the (already massive) campus.

But the cool thing about the new building is the message they’re sending with each allocated space.

Inside the Learning Curve (a literal curve within the building), you’ll find beautifully designed classrooms to motivate and inspire. Ongoing education and collaboration is a HUGE priority of the company culture.

Classrooms inside The Curve are inspired by influencers throughout history (and entirely designed by their in-house creative team).

This original artwork was done by hand! Insane attention to detail here.

Initiatives like this “take one and try it” wall show how that’s totally expected and embraced.

Love the U.N.-style stadium seating with mics so that anyone can speak up. On company-wide “Strategy Day” the staff was able to get updates from Ric himself and ask questions – and they’re not afraid to argue with him.

Spotted: The luxe, relaxing, on-site retreat space.

And of course… the whole operation is fueled by primo coffee and a rotating, chef-driven menu.

Break area on another floor – spotless common kitchen and cool booth spaces for meeting, relaxing or working.

This content was created in partnership with Red Ventures. 

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