Vacation – Renting A Pet Friendly Camper

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

For us, taking any type of vacation is unusual. With four enormous rescue dogs( including a 2-year-old who’s been blind since delivery ), the question has historically been, “Who would take care of the dogs? ” Then it arose to us that renting a pet friendly camper “couldve been” the mixture we needed. And it allows users to all enjoy the junket together!

Truck and Pet Friendly Camper on highway heading toward snow-covered mountains Why Renting A Pet Friendly Camper Works For Us

Our pups aren’t little angels. We’ve spoiled them perfectly, allowing them the run of our home and access to beds and sofas.

On top of that, we live in the mountains of Colorado on tract surrounded by a national forest. Needless to say, we’ve been a little lax in schooling them the social decorum of municipalities. In a pinch, dear friends will stay at the house with our imps for a few eras, but we’d never be so bold as to ask them to stay for longer than that!

So when the stars aligned this Spring, and we had the opportunity to get away for a week, we knew the hounds would be going with us.

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

My research produced me to, where I found gratuities and penetrations about traveling with bird-dogs that I had never considered. I began to think, “We can do this … but we don’t own an RV.”

As if by spell, a circulate trailer rental agency started sounding up in our feeds. That got our motors turning. This was a smaller company than those popular RV rentals you verify on the road, and much more affordable.( Apparently, there are lots of them out there and some admit pets .) We previously had a truck, so we adopted a 30 ’ bumper pull travel trailer from their inventorying and started constituting our plans.

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Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

Planning the Trip

Our goal was to drive less than 6 hours a day, take time to walk, hike, and investigate some visions we’d never agreed upon at before … with the dogs. We laid out a loop-the-loop: west to Utah, south to Arizona, east to New Mexico, and then north back to Colorado. It was our maiden voyage, so we didn’t want to be too ambitious- we are only needed a burst from the snow.

Stress over the many unknowns harassed us as we prepared for the journey. Would the dogs bark at every racket in the campsite? They’ve never had neighbors! Would they mar the leased trailer? How much could that payment? But our blind bird-dog, Panda, fretted us most. How would he direct the ever-changing milieu?

We told our girls and friends about our plans and they all said, “Oh, that sounds like so much fun! ” But, considering all the things that could go wrong, I replied, “Yes, it will either be a lot of fun … or a ended disaster.”

No Need to Worry

As it turned out, our little devils became angels for the duration of the trip-up! One reason was that we prepared well and made accommodations for the needs and requirements. The other rationalization was that they were just happy to be with us … 24/7.

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

Panda did evidence a little distress over some of the situations, like getting in and out of the trailer on those less than solid stairs. But we were patient, and after listening to the other puppies doing things a few terms, he soon had to prove he could do it, extremely!

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

His ability to hike on bumpy field stupefied me. All he needed was to listen to my steps to navigate the trails.

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

The dogs had the right time! And watching them enjoy our adventures started the expedition more entertaining for us, extremely. Panda assembled his first real life fire hydrant, we checked Hole’ n the Rock, and stayed for three nights at Goulding’s Camp Park in Monument Valley. It was a beautiful area with all the amenities there is an opportunity asked for, including ways right from the campground.

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Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation When To Go

Traveling off-season did finding campsites really easy. And the temperatures were a lot more pleasant for hiking than if we’d gone during the summer.

On our way to New Mexico we stopped at the Four Corners Monument where, unfortunately, dogs cannot are beyond the parking lot. But we did gratify Pez, and I’m sure that if “were having” remained longer he could have told us a few exciting travel falsehoods!

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

That night we camped at Navajo Lake State Park in New Mexico. It was lovely, and we wished we had more time to spend there! The only drawback was an abundance of low-lying cactus; hindering Panda from accompanying right through it was tedious.

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

Our final stop was an overnight at the Royal Gorge KOA near Canon City, CO. Before heading home the following morning we inspected the panoramic Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. The part common is pet friendly — even inside the Visitor Center — only not in the restaurant. “We understand that your babies are your family, ” the ranger said.

Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation Renting a Camper for a Dog Friendly Vacation

We were told that some bird-dogs are weary on the connect, but ours have a bit of parcel bravado and did punishment. Panda saved his nose to the boards however, trying to figure out the gentle sway and hollow sound beneath his feet.

Returning the Camper

We left ourselves enough time on the way home to clean out the trailer before returning it, hoping to recover our entire $500 deposit. A truck stop with vehicle rinse and vacuum-clean toiled perfectly, and the company thanked us for imparting the camper back in excellent condition.

The ease of leasing the trailer and the opennes it gave us to travel with our bird-dogs was fantastic. The elation it brought us to see them freely experiencing our undertaking guaranteed many more jaunts like this for us. And we are looking forward our tale fosters other pet proprietors, too.

About the Author: Barbara McNary lives with her husband and four rescue hounds in the mountains of Colorado. You can connect with her( and Panda) at @bigblinddog on Instagram. Barbara McNary owns the rights to all photos in this post. The photos were published with her permission.

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