Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS, 360 Degree, DSP, Voice Alert

Uniden R3 DSP Extreme Long Range Radar and Laser Detector w/GPS

Experience the unsurpassed range with the Uniden R3 radar detector!

With the convenient GPS feature you can get Red light camera alerts, Mute memory false alerts, or mark location.

Digital Signal processor
Extreme radar sensitivity
GPS with red light camera alerts
Free GPS database updates
Quiet Ride – User set speed auto mute
Color OLED display
K false filter
KA false filter
Spectre Elite undetectable
Single suction cup bracket included
Double suction cup bracket included
Cigarette adapter with “Mute Key” and USB Jack
Carrying case included

Product Features

  • 360 Degree Digital Signal Processor
  • GPS With Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Quiet Ride – User Set Speed Auto Mute
  • K False Filter / KA False Filter

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3 Responses to Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector GPS, 360 Degree, DSP, Voice Alert

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought i couldn’t find any radar as good and as reliable Well, i usually don’t have time to write product reviews but i though i should share my honest opinion about this radar detector. So i had an Escort Redline with the incredible range and stealth capability in my car for the last 2 years. I thought i couldn’t find any radar as good and as reliable. I decided to buy the Uniden R3 simply because i don’t like all of the false alert on the Redline and the fact that i couldn’t lock out the annoying false signals in my area. I also know that i could…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simply outstanding comes with improved mount This is my first radar detector I’m a delivery driver and it is amazing it has already saved me from two tickets within the first week. It’s quiet about 90% of the time the false alerts that I do get is mainly from automatic door openers but it works great right out the box plugged and without changing the settings. on the road very few cars sensors can set this off and I mean barely any . I haven’t updated the unit yet. a State Trooper (VA) pulled up behind me and he didn’t notice or detect…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Holy moly, the hype was real! I’ve used many different types of detectors over the years and this one blows everything else out of the water.First, if you’re reading about it detecting radar from miles away, please don’t always expect that in the real world. Lots of things such as terrain and such can and will affect range. Don’t expect it to detect laser early enough to save you either, not gonna happen but no other detector can either.Giving this 5 stars cause it still surprised me on a real world…