Uniden EZI-33 XLT Air band Radio Radio Scanner

Uniden EZI 33XLT is a handheld scanner in a compact design. The small size of the Uniden EZI 33XLT makes it easy for the user to take it out in the field by attaching it to the belt or carrying it in a pocket. The scanner is made from robust materials.

The fixed channels are placed in nine banks, one for each frequency band. Thus allowing for a very easy access to all the interesting, pre-programmed frequencies.



Key Features/Specifications:

  • 180 Channels
  • Frequency range:
    • 78-87 MHz Low VHF landmibile radio
    • 87-108 MHz FM Broadcast
    • 108-137 MHz Aircraft band
    • 138-174 MHz VHF landmobile radio
    • 406-512 MHz UHF landmobile radio
  • 5 search bands
  • 9 banks (Stock for channels)
  • Channels: 180
  • Scan speed: 30 step/sec.
  • Banks: 9
  • Receiver sensitivity: 0.4 µV / 0,9 µV
  • IF rejection: 60dB
  • Antenna: 50 Ohm
  • Audio output: 490mW in 24 Ohm
  • Power supply: 3xAA batteries. 4,5V DC
  • Dimensions: WxDxH 53x28x104 mm
  • Weight: 100 g

Product Features

  • 180 Channels
  • 78-512MHz (with gaps)
  • 5 Search banks

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2 Responses to Uniden EZI-33 XLT Air band Radio Radio Scanner

  1. Frenchie says:

    Cracking little scanner I’ve been playing with airband scanners off and on for years, I still have happy memories of the bloody awful manually tuned Steepletone offerings which were my introduction.I bought this with slight trepidation as some of the reviews here suggested – quite reasonably – that the stock whip ariel wasn’t up to the job. I needn’t have worried. I live north of Edinburgh and can receive radar, tower and ground no problem at all. Additionally I’m picking up the control frequencies clearly,…

  2. Eric N. says:

    Best-in-series Uniden Portable Scanner Before ordering this Scanner I read with great interest all the very many Reviews and comments from other Amazon buyers and the very contrasting comments included. It must be kept in mind that this Uniden EZI=33 model is actually the lowest priced unit of three similar Scanners being sold through Amazon and produced by Uniden – the next higher UBC-75XLT being priced at just about 50% more .. and the top model UBC-125XLT being literally twice the price of this one under Review. So far as I can…