Uniden Bearcat UBC 360CLT Desktop Scanner With Up To 300 Channels Included New

Uniden Bearcat UBC 360CLT is designed for home use, with a big speaker for excellent sound. This specialist scanner has numerous great features including up to 300 channels , Aircraft Search, AM/FM Radio and many more. The desktop style enclosure has an integrated antenna and a BNC socket to use with standard external antenna solutions. The fixed channels are placed in ten banks, allowing for a very easy access to all of your interesting, pre-programmed frequencies. Specifications Frequency range: 25-30 MHz Amateur and CB band 30-87 MHz Low VHF Land Mobile Radio 108-137 MHz Air Craft Band 137-174 MHz VHF Land Mobile Radio 406-512 MHz UHF Land Mobile Radio 806-960 MHz Public Service Band

Product Features

  • Up to 300 Channels with a wide range of frequencies
  • Unique Aircraft search function to define your search to the Air Band
  • Search at optimum step with a Selectable Search Step Function
  • Listen to all your favourite radio channels with an AM/FM radio
  • Keep yourself informed on the time with a Clock/Alarm with Snooze

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3 Responses to Uniden Bearcat UBC 360CLT Desktop Scanner With Up To 300 Channels Included New

  1. R. Castle says:

    Surprisingly Good A very good scanner that is reasonably easy to use and program.Desktop scanners are not my favourite as they are only good for one thing. However, I like this one as it fits perfectly in a gap on the desk.What’s GoodLayout of buttons have been planned and quickly fall to hand.Size and quality of buttons and knobs are very good.Quality of sound is very good and clear.Sensitivity. Pick up aircraft at 20,000ft from 100 miles away clearly.Power supply…

  2. Coveliers says:

    Good stuff !!

  3. George R. says:

    … get the frequencies in fm/uhf/vhf order but with a good antenna it receives well