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Jolly began the interview by commenting on the Company’s 2020 success, as well as their backlog of orders going into 2021. “We had a record year in 2020. We had a growth of about 44% in sales,” shared Slenski. “At the start of the fourth quarter, with the help of investors, we were able to purchase some new state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, which in our industry is vital to the life and growth of the Company,” said Slenski. He then elaborated on the Company’s advanced equipment, which has led to improved efficiency and quality. “We do 99% of our manufacturing in-house,” explained Slenski.

“We are sitting on $1.14 million worth of back orders,” shared Slenski. “We have quite a year that we are looking forward to, and it really comes down to the help from investors,” he explained. “There is additional equipment that is out there that will help us increase what we put out the door.”

“It looks like you are entering the RV manufacturing market. Can you tell us a little bit more about that space?” asked Jolly. “At the end of 2020, U.S. Lighting Group actually formed a new company called Cortes Campers,” said Salaciak. “They are manufacturing fully-equipped campers made out of molded fiberglass,” she shared. “What we have noticed is that there is a substantial growth potential for U.S. Lighting Group based on market research that was performed showing that the global recreational market will reach $77 billion by the year 2026.”

“The plan is to have the first 17-foot RV travel trailer completed in about 30 days, as well as the first tear drop camper completed at about the same time,” shared Salaciak, before elaborating on the significant effect COVID-19 has had on the growth of the RV industry.

Salaciak then shared that the Company has received interest from consumers, as well as businesses looking to become dealers. “Becoming a dealer is really the business model that Cortes Campers is using to sell the RVs,” explained Salaciak. “Inquiries are coming in from practically every state in the US,” she said. “We are going to be the first company to vacuum infuse fiberglass to build a two-piece monolithic-joined structure for the 17-foot travel trailer, and that is really state-of-the-art technology.”

“Part of the 2021 business plan was to grow the company, so we also formed another company called Fusion X Marine LLC and added it to the U.S. Lighting Group’s portfolio, which happened in March,” said Salaciak. “Fusion X Marine is going to manufacture personal watercraft and powerboats for the recreational boating industry,” she shared, adding that this will also include a 15-foot mini speed boat and 27-foot power boat. “The 15-foot mini speed boat is competing with the jet ski market,” she explained. Salaciak then discussed the potential of the Company’s business model for this sector, as well as its relevance within the market.

“Do you have any other new business ventures on the horizon?” asked Jolly. “Yes,” said Salaciak. “U.S. Lighting has started what is called Futuro Houses, which are houses that will be made out of molded fiberglass as well,” said Salaciak. “The unique thing about all of these companies is that they are using the biaxial fiberglass as part of the materials for manufacturing,” she said, adding that Futuro Houses is currently developing three different types of homes.

To close the interview, Slenski and Salaciak thanked listeners for their interest, and encouraged shareholders to take a closer look at the Company as they continue to grow.

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