TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device – GPS Navigation for Trucks

Get the most out of your driving time with the TomTom Trucker GPS, combining truck-specific routing with TomTom Traffic to save time and increase efficiency. Before you leave, use My Drive to conveniently plan a multi-stop route right for your truck’s size, weight, cargo and speed. Add in your favorite fuel and rest stops and know your arrival time before you set off. View real-time traffic as you drive, helping you to complete deliveries on time.

Product Features

  • Get customized routes for your vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed, making your journeys more time efficient with this truck gps navigation device. Customized truck routing takes the guesswork out of driving
  • Save on driving time by conveniently pre-planning a route anytime and anywhere with My Drive. Customize journeys with preferred roads or stops, and sync the route to your trucker GPS
  • Do you have a delivery on Friday at 5pm? Most traffic can be predicted, and TomTom navigation devices know how, both on motorways and secondary roads. Get a faster route with TomTom Traffic at no additional cost
  • Lifetime Truck Map updates allow you to drive with the latest maps at no extra cost, for more efficient route planning and accurate arrival times. Download up to 4 Truck Map updates per year
  • 4 in 1: With the Multiple Vehicle Navigation, easily switch the profile from truck to car, bus or van to plan routes with the right type of navigation, whatever you’re driving

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3 Responses to TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Device – GPS Navigation for Trucks

  1. Anonymous says:

    This gps do not have restriction for truck in all …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trucker 600 TomTom GPS

  3. Anonymous says:

    This GPS alright for cars but useless for commercial vehicles