Tips for Getting the Most Money When Selling Your RV


It’s a thought that every RV enthusiast has at some point — to sell or not to sell. If you’re asking yourself that question and have decided that the time has come to sell your RV, don’t panic. You’re in good company. Selling can be an adventure, often just as exciting as the adventures you’ve been on in that exact RV you want to sell.

Many RV owners decide to go through a dealer when selling their RV, using a process called RV consignment. It’s a process that has become popular since the RV owner doesn’t have to handle the marketing, negotiations, and paperwork that often come along with selling an RV. Waiting for the ideal buyer to come along can be a time-consuming and somewhat stressful experience.

With consignment, all of those boxes are checked on your behalf!

The Camping World Consignment Process

Selling and Buying an RV
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Camping World’s consignment program involves a professional sales team that partners with a vast national dealer network, together they take the initiative to sell your RV as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The goal? To get you the most cash as possible for your RV. By marketing the RV through the most heavily trafficked RV marketplaces in the world, you can rest assured that your RV is in good hands.

The consignment process is easy, straightforward, and hassle-free! In fact, it can be explained in six easy steps:

  1. Prep — Professionals inspect, clean, and take pictures of your RV.
  2. Promote — Your RV is listed with the largest RV marketplaces in the world that reach millions of buyers on a monthly basis.
  3. Sales Support — Camping World shows interested buyers your RV and answers all of their questions.
  4. Documentation — All paperwork that comes with a sale (transfer of title, bill of sale, etc.) is handled by Camping World.
  5. Financing — Camping World offers financing options to the potential buyer through local and national banks to ensure the sale.
  6. Payout — The sale satisfies your bank loan and the associated paperwork associated with it. Once your RV sells, you receive a check!

Some owners who decide to sell on consignment choose to do so instead of selling their motorhome or travel trailer themselves since the marketing, negotiations, and paperwork are all handled by professionals. It can be a lot of work if you handle all of the associated paperwork by yourself. Individuals that choose to consign their RVs should know that they will not receive any money until after their vehicle is sold.

Get the Most Out of Selling Your RV

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Most reputable dealers will work hard to get top dollar for the RVs they sell on consignment. However, here are a few tips that we suggest to owners, whether they choose consignment or not, to help their vehicle stand out against the others in the market.

  • Give your RV a thorough cleaning both inside and out.
  • Fix any small problems such as loose hinges or blown-out light bulbs. Camping World has several light bulb options to spruce up any RV as well as an entire Design Center to bring any last-minute design choices to life.
  • Get the vehicle tuned up and the oil changed. View Camping World Supercenters to locate a store nearest you.
  • Gather and organize all manuals, service paperwork, and warranty records.

Selling Isn’t Your Only Option — Explore a Trade-In

It’s not uncommon to think selling your RV is as straightforward as selling and then buying again, but that’s not the only option. Another way to ensure you’re getting the most money from selling is to trade in your RV. By trading in your RV, you’re able to use the trade-in value towards the purchase of a new one.

It’s a solid choice for RV enthusiasts who are looking to continue living the RV lifestyle but in a newer RV. Whether you’re upgrading or downsizing, trading in your RV is worth exploring if only to make the selling process even smoother.

Camping World’s trade-in program promises to find you a deal on a valid trade-in or else they’ll buy your RV outright. It’s a win/win option that many RVers lean towards when it comes time to sell their RV. The program works as follows:

  1. Receive cash for your RV immediately.
  2. Take advantage of fair prices at the time of your RV’s inspection.
  3. The buying process is simple and straightforward leaving you with peace of mind and cash-in-hand.
  4. By trading in your RV, you’ll receive savings on sales tax plus a new RV for the road ahead.

Should You Sell, Trade, or Consign Your RV?

Ultimately, the decision is up to you and the process you’re most comfortable with. Whether you choose to sell, trade, or consign your RV with Camping World, your RV will be inspected, cleaned, professionally photographed, and prepared for showing so that it always looks as new as possible for potential buyers. Regardless of which choice you make, the goal should always be to get the most money for your RV.

What to Know After Selling Your RV

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So, you’ve sold your RV? Congratulations! The journey isn’t over though. There are plenty of adventures ahead of you, including buying a new RV to get you to those dream destinations on your bucket list. Check out the articles below for all things related to purchasing your next RV.

Remember that the first impression is important when it comes to a major investment like an RV. Getting your vehicle into the best possible condition will always help you make more money on its sale. Consult with a Personal RV Shopper to ensure your RV is shopping-ready.

Have you sold an RV before? Leave your top tips in the comments below!

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