The Lonely Halls Meeting a GPS Documentary

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3 Responses to The Lonely Halls Meeting a GPS Documentary

  1. Anonymous says:

    How GPS almost didn’t happen but for the work of some dedicated AF officers This is a great documentary about the invention of GPS. I was fortunate be a part of the GPS history when I worked as staff officer for GPS in the Pentagon in the late 1980’s. Even then it was a struggle to keep GPS funded some 15 years after the invention. We loosely investigated the idea of charging each user $1 for the right to use GPS. As I recall at that time there were only about 100,000 users worldwide so that wouldn’t even come close to covering the cost. If we only knew that…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Description of Science Discovery that affects all today! Well Done and Salute! This Lonely Halls Meeting Documentary on the development of GPS by a team of Air Force Officers and contractors is a great story, affects us all, and is very well done by the Producer and the Narrator of this great story! Should be required watching for all young folks interested in Science, Technology, Computers, Space and all technical occupations, showing how to get the Job Done! Congratulations to Pool Room Studios, Producer Tom Sylvester, USAFA ’82, and narrator, Ms. Patrice Mahoney…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great documentary! Important implications for how we develop technology