The 2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

The 2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper is the perfect pop-up camper for families who love to camp, dive, and fish.
It fits in shorter vehicle beds (8’6”) and sleeps 4 people; it features an icebox or freezer, 20 gal water tank, or 13 gal DSI water heater.

It’s only 9 1/2 feet long (like a 1-ton pickup), can tow up to 8500 lbs., has double entry doors, plus two big windows.
The 2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper is compact and strong, with a strong steel frame and fiberglass body
It’s spacious inside, with a queen-size bed and full kitchen. It can sleep up to four people and has an average weight of just 2912 pounds.
It has an affordable price and offers plenty of modern conveniences, such as roof A/C, microwave, fridge/freezer, water heater, gas furnace, and CD/DVD player.

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

Where you want, when you want to camper

It’s compact and can park just about anywhere, yet this quality 3100 lb. unit provides ample storage, a shower/tub with 11 gallons. water heater, a stainless-steel sink, a three-burner range with a broiler and a refrigerator/freezer, plus it has a microwave and optional air conditioner.

It sleeps up to 6 with the murphy queen bed or 4 with the optional king bed, plus there’s an outdoor shower and fold-down outdoor kitchen. This camper has 2 stabilizer jacks for extra stability in windy conditions, plus it comes with a 30-amp converter and is travel-ready.

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

Exterior Design

With the exterior set up to fit your camper in between the rear wheels and your truck bed, one can easily reach the bed as soon as the camper comes in. That is not to say that there is no hassle, one needs to know how to properly lower it, and that requires a lot of knowledge and practice, however, once it’s lowered, it’s very easy to get in and out of.

The main entry door has three different zippers, a larger zippered door on the left side of the entrance and another on the right side of the front. Once inside you will find storage on the left side of the camper where there is a table, four chairs, and a kitchen cabinet, and another on the right side where there is storage for your bed, with a fold-up table and a few more cabinets.

This can be adjusted in height by pulling the ladder to the proper level or lowering it. A ladder is conveniently located in the middle of the camper to ensure that you can access the back when it’s time to head into the mountains. Inside there are two bunk rooms, one located on each side of the camper, which can be converted into a third and a half, giving a total of six beds if needed. The first bunkroom on the left side has a table and chairs, while the one on the right side has a fold-up table, a kitchen cabinet, and storage.

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

Main Feature

A main feature of the camper is the fold-down bunk. The bunk can be folded and stored inside the camper, leaving space for other items, but can also be extended. For extended use, a second ladder is required, which can be removed when not needed, and the bunk can be lowered or raised in height by pulling the ladder to the desired level.

When lowered, the bed is almost touching the floor and when raised, it is elevated enough to comfortably accommodate two people. Both beds have a mattress and four pillows that will fit on top of the bed. The bed may be moved in front of the door when needed, while its position in the bed is adjustable by pulling the back end of the bed out. The bed can also be moved back to make the bed larger or lowered to the floor for storage.

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

There is also a small table located on the left side, with a refrigerator and a small cabinet. When the table is folded down, there is still room for storage. This table and the bunk can be used together and serve as a sleeping area, for extra storage, or even a dining area for two. A gas stove, refrigerator, water and sink, storage space, and electrical outlet are all available.

While the camper is still in its original location, the rear of the camper has been added with another full-size bed, which is located in the same position as the bunk room. This is the one place that will most likely be the same for every person. This bed is not movable but can be used for added comfort and storage.

The camper has two windows with curtains that can be drawn in and out of the windows. Two lights can be controlled from the outside of the camper and two lights can be controlled from the inside. All of the windows have screens to prevent any insects or dust from entering the camper. There are two doors to enter and exit the camper.

2006 Lance Max 1191 Truck Camper

The front door is located at the front end of the camper, while the back door is located at the back end of the camper. It is just a push to open and close either door. The doors can also be locked from the inside with a combination lock. There is a large front area inside the camper that has two shelves. The shelves can be used for storage, books, small items, etc. A curtain is available to be drawn around the front of the camper to help keep this area light and airy.

Made in the USA

The Lance Max 1191 is a perfect alternative to a Class A Motorhome for people who still like living in their own homes.

Sleek, Luxurious, and Affordable

Floorplans come with a sofa sleeper to house your company on the road. A Vista queen-size bed optimizes the space in the bedroom, and there is tons of storage for your belongings. The large countertop and plentiful cabinet space make the kitchen feel spacious and inviting. The large shower and toilet provide you with all your essential comfort amenities.

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