Staten Island Residents Complain Unattended RVs Are Stealing Parking Spaces

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Some people on Staten Island say they want the city to put a stop to big recreational vehicles taking up spaces for days, weeks, even months.

Residents in New Brighton alerted CBS2 to an RV they said is one of two parked day after day on Richmond Terrace in front of PS59. They claimed people are living inside and hogging much-sought-after parking spots.

“If it’s not someone’s in the area and they are using it to live in it here, then I think it should be moved to a more appropriate location than in front of someone’s house or the school,” resident Stephanie DiMarco told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Neighbors said they’ve repeatedly called the city’s 311 response line after being told to report any parked vehicle if it violates posted parking regulations, is double parked or is parked over seven days in the same spot.

Nearby on St. Paul’s Avenue in Tompkinsville, another RV that no one appeared to be living in also has neighbors complaining that it’s an eyesore.

“You’re supposed to move it. You know, the people need the spots there,” said a school crossing guard. She told Carlin the RV had been parked there for eight months.

It’s been ticketed, but the neighbors want it towed.

“They just reject the complaints,” one man said. When asked why, he replied, “man, I don’t know.”

Residents said enforcement is rare, and they don’t understand because the seven-day rule is not the only law designed to prevent this problem. City law also states a mobile home cannot linger on public streets for more than 24 hours in the same spot.

Carlin asked police officers in the area if it’s legal for people to park and live inside their RVs. The officers didn’t answer, but went over and knocked on the vehicle’s door. Getting no response, they said they’d be back.

Police said they can’t do much until they locate the owner of the RV and establish that it’s been parked there for multiple days.

Residents said the NYPD and Department of Transportation must make this more of a priority, calling for stakeouts and thorough investigations to find the RVs’ owners and then find the right places for them.

CBS2 reached out to Staten Island Borough President James Oddo who said he’s sent letters to the NYPD and DOT, saying they need more attention and better enforcement. He said he hasn’t heard back.

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