Spanish for Beginners: The Quick and Easy Way to Learn Spanish in Only 30 Minutes a Day. Learn Spanish or Get Your Money Back with Our 60 Day Guarantee! (AudioNovo Spanish 1 Audio CD)

AudioNovo Spanish is the quick and easy way to learn Spanish for beginners. The course’s unique structure means you only need to study for 30 minutes a day! Through repetition and conversation practice, AudioNovo’s method ensures that you will retain your Spanish long after the course has finished. The flexible nature of AudioNovo means you can take lessons anywhere and learning Spanish will fit easily into your life.

What is it? AudioNovo Spanish is a series of 30 minute lessons (total of 84 lessons) for complete beginners. Each lesson is a bite-sized portion of Spanish ranging from conversations, to useful daily phrases, to native pronunciation. As you progress through the course you will learn key listening and speaking skills which enable you to speak Spanish in real life.

Why is it so successful? The unique structure of AudioNovo focuses on repeating vocabulary at regular intervals to ensure you retain your knowledge and progress quickly. Repetition means you will hold onto your Spanish after completing the course. The short lessons prevent you becoming tired out as you adopt your new language. Conversations with Spanish natives will hone your accent and pronunciation so that you will learn to speak Spanish like a local. AudioNovo’s method has been tried and tested with proven results. We’re so confident of our method that if you don’t like AudioNovo after 60 days, we’ll give you a refund.

Where can I do it? Anywhere! AudioNovo Spanish can be played on any CD, iTunes or MP3 compatible device. We know you´re busy, so we’ve created a course which you can do anywhere and for only 30 minutes a day. Learn Spanish on your lunchbreak, on your commute or while shopping! If you want to go all in with your new language, why not look at AudioNovo Spanish III? It is the more extended course that already includes this one.

Product Features

  • Audio CD with 30 minute lessons following AudioNovo’s tried and tested methods for learning Spanish fast. Repeating vocabulary at regular intervals ensures that your newly acquired Spanish stays with you long after the course is complete.
  • Flexible learning that fits into your schedule, AudioNovo goes wherever you go. You can listen to AudioNovo on any CD, iTunes or MP3 compatible device. You can take a Spanish lesson whether you’re on the bus, at the supermarket or relaxing at home. AudioNovo allows you to learn Spanish in a way that suits your lifestyle, meaning you will find it easy to complete the course.
  • Speak Spanish like a native by learning from actual Spanish speakers. You will engage in conversations from your very first lesson and focus on pronunciation throughout the course.
  • Useful phrases and vocabulary in every lesson. AudioNovo teaches you helpful day-to-day phrases through dialogue with native Spanish-speakers to ensure you feel confident using Spanish in real life.
  • 60 Day Guarantee. AudioNovo’s unique method has proven results. We’re so confident that you’ll love AudioNovo that if you’re not happy after 60 days, we’ll give you your money back.

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2 Responses to Spanish for Beginners: The Quick and Easy Way to Learn Spanish in Only 30 Minutes a Day. Learn Spanish or Get Your Money Back with Our 60 Day Guarantee! (AudioNovo Spanish 1 Audio CD)

  1. Tracy C. says:

    Learning Spanish

  2. Judit says:

    Patiently teaches you for the basic situations We are going to Spain this summer and wanted to learn some basic phrases in Spanish. I did not speak any word before that. This CD is amazing. It has 28 lessons, average 30 min. Very well explained phrases, teaches the same sentence or word couple of times, you have to repeat them…. it leaves you enough time to think about or repeat the words. Teaches you the simple sentences for the basic every-day communication. And I bet, everybody has 30 min every day, to learn and speak a little bit in…