Shailene Woodley Lived In An RV – Divergent Star's Cool Summer Adventure

Shailene Woodley Lived In An RV – Divergent Star’s Cool Summer Adventure

Shailene Woodley might be best known for playing Tris in the Divergent series. But the actress could also be noted for being a typical Hollywood celebrity. And she had proved that by living in an RV for two months and a half.


Shailene Woodley was a guest for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. There, she recounted her summer adventure like no other. The actress has admitted to living in an RV for the summer. She said she only intended to borrow her mother’s 17-year old RV for a week. Nonetheless, it turned out to be a two and a half months of road tripping and sleeping in Walmart parking lots.

Yes, Shailene Woodley has slept at a Walmart parking lot on her RV. In fact, she had revealed at one point that they would stop the RV on the side of the street to rest.

“Every Walmart will generally have an RV or cargo van in its parking lot at night,” Woodley explained when host Jimmy Fallon seemed surprised at that.

According to In Style, Shailene Woodley has actually been camping when she was little. It might not be surprising anymore that she is familiar with how to live in RVs for even a couple of months.

The host also asked the Snowden star how many fits in the RV. Woodley joked around suggesting a lot could fit shoulder-to-shoulder. But of course, she said they would usually fit around 9 to 10 people. Usually, though, there are 4 of them always present in the RV.


“You get to know someone really well when you’re living in tight quarters like that. No showers,” the actress laughed.

Another thing fans might have learned about the actress was that she is a big fan of Costco. She revealed that she thought Costco was big, but Walmart was “five Costcos in one.” On the other hand, Fallon did say he loved Walmart but he remembered a time when his mother bought stacks of paper towels from Costco.

As of now, Shailene Woodley is promoting her upcoming film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Snowden. The movie will be released September 16.

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Photo source: Youtube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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