Search for leak begins slowly

Sal Perna. (Pic: Getty)

While it has already claimed its chairman, the Racing Victoria search to uncover its cobalt mole is not expected to be finalised any time soon.

RV CEO Bernard Saundry today discussed with acting chairman Mike Hirst the embarrassing situation of who released the highly sensitive information of the cobalt positive swabs before trainers Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien were officially told, which threatened to compromise the RV stewards investigation.

Both men are adamant that culprit needs to be found and frog-marched from 400 Epsom Road, but unless there is a mea culpa the probe has the potential to drag on and on and on.

What Saundry and Hirst have agreed upon is the need for the investigation to happen immediately and for it to be a thoroughly independent one.

Terms of reference for the investigation and who will take over the steering wheel are still to be negotiated.

“It has to be done and it has to be independent,” Saundry said.

So, that obviously rules out anyone from within RV being involved.

Whoever gets the gig and that may well be Racing Integrity Commissioner Sal Perna, who conducted the investigation, which led to chairman David Moodie falling on his sword, they need to root out the snitch.

And, while Moodie did not initially want to go and had support within the Board it was effectively a fait accompli given Perna’s findings….

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