Sage Comber One at Twilight

Most recent chapter in “the whole story”:


In February of this year, I began traveling across the US full time. I quit my job, sold my house and all of its contents. With the proceeds, I built myself an “RV” out of a 12 foot long cargo trailer. I added solar panels, shelves, tilt out sleeping pods, insulation and a bathroom. I am still working on the trailer as I travel. The photos on this stream are of the trailer build and the places I have been and photographed.


Life is SO much better without all that noise and clutter that was sucking the life out of me. Don’t buy into the lie that is marketed to you everywhere you go. Quit spending every dollar you make, to buy stuff and fighting the “other guy” in your department for the promotion so you can buy still more stuff. It will NEVER make you happy. Never. It is weight that will sink you, slow you down, divert your focus from what is really good, really valuable, really worth having.


Enjoy my photos, and my story. It is still evolving.


NoMad YesHappy



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