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The next Coffee, Lunch and Learn program hosted by the RV Women’s Alliance’s (RVWA), which is set for noon ET, Friday (April 30), will feature Nicole Greer, “The Vibrant Coach,” for a session that is designed to help participants get clear about their vision and the supporting communication and business acumen necessary to execute it fully. “In essence, we will explore what is POSSIBLE and put WRITING the STRATEGIES, SYSTEMS AND SMARTS to make the POSSIBLE ….PROBABLE,” according to an RVWA release.

Attendees will:

  • Visit the Future
  • Learn the How to Use a “Repeating Question”
  • Explore the Obstacles in the Way
  • Use these Obstacles as Raw Material to Formulate Executable Strategy
  • Prepare to Hold Others Accountable
As principal coach and CEO of Vibrant Coaching and Consulting Inc, Greer helps individuals, corporations, government, faith-based organizations, and non-profits become the people they were created to be through fulfilling a mission, to work in teams, and exemplify VIBRANT leadership. Using transformational change leadership coaching & training programs, Nicole offers foundational tools and uncommon wisdom. Nicole is a serious entrepreneur with experience in coaching, marketing, mastering first impressions, learning & development and sales. Nicole is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, executive, and business coach. Visit www.vibrantcoaching.com to learn more.

Click here to register for the program, which is sponsored by Truck System Technologies.

About RVWA

Founded in 2019, the RV Women’s Alliance mission is to bring together a diverse group of extraordinary women and men from across the RV Industry who, through social and educational programs, mentorship and networking opportunities, are inspired and empowered to realize their individual potential, enhance their career experiences, and create opportunities for the next generation of women leaders.

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