Rugged Ridge 11503.96 CB Radio & Antenna Mount Kit

This CB Radio and Antenna Mount Kit offers you everything you need for an easy to install solution all in an accessible area. The CB radio mount conveniently mounts over the rearview mirror for easy reach and provides a hidden mounting point for your CB. The antenna mount is quickly installed on the factory spare tire carrier. It includes mounting hardware. Both brackets are made from black powder coated steel.

Product Features

  • Black
  • Steel
  • Includes both the Rugged Ridge JK CB mount and antenna mount
  • CB mounts over rear view mirror
  • Antenna mounts just to the left of center behind rear tire carrier

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3 Responses to Rugged Ridge 11503.96 CB Radio & Antenna Mount Kit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect Easy Solution This mount did exactly as advertised. I was able to mount both parts in under 10 minutes, and it took a couple of hours to get my CB up and running. Many people have said that you cannot fit a full size CB in it, but I was able to mount a Bearcat 880 with minimal work and no bouncing. I just drilled holes higher on the CB cross bracket and bolted that over the Rugged Ridge mount. It clears the electronic mirror in my 2015 by about 1/8 inches, and there is still room to get to my freedom…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This antenna mount needs a bottoms up redesign. This antenna mount needs a bottoms up redesign.1) the bolt holes are way too big for the bolt diameter. The bracket will never stay locked in one position, antenna will never stay straight. The bolts can only be torqued to 10 ft-lbs..2) the bracket material is way too thick for a normal Firestik antenna mount. The bracket is +.200″ thick and anything over .125 is excessive and does aglow enough threads to stick through.3) the two top hole for the Firestik antenna base…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Buyer beware This kit would have been alright if some key issues were ironed out before it was put into production. Firstly the radio mounting bracket is too flimsy if you are using a full size CB. I have a Uniden Bearcat 980S and it would constantly bounce due to the bracket not being rigid enough for a radio like that. Secondly, the antenna mount would have been great had it been level. After I mounted it and put my Firestik antenna on it, you could tell the antenna was canted a few degrees to the right…