RoadPro RP-232 CB Microphone Holder, Black Plastic

Product Features

  • Durable Plastic Design with Adhesive Backing
  • One Hanger per Package

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2 Responses to RoadPro RP-232 CB Microphone Holder, Black Plastic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Replace the double sided tape I bought this knowing the double sided tape supplied with the holder was probably not very good. Lots of reviews here say the tape gave way shortly after install. I never used it but had some 3M heavy duty double sided tape laying around from another project. I simply cut a new piece for the holder and applied the tape to the holder and firmly pressed. Waited about 15 min then applied the holder to where I wanted it installed then waited a day before hanging the mic on the holder…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mic holder is perfect for a majority of cb mics A++, dont bother using the adhesive strip, affix it with something else Ok, so everyone is complaining about the 3m adhesive strip they include with the mic holder. Yes, it is horrible. After being firmly pressed in the vice for over an hour, the adhesive fell off after about 2 hours of direct sunlight inside the car.Big deal the strip is @#?!, You’re buying the holder. I’m pretty sure you can find an easy and cheap way to affix it somewhere. All I did was add a drop of 5min epoxy on the strip before I kept it firmly pressed for hours. Now it holds…