Rand McNally TND 720 IntelliRoute Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps

The IntelliRoute TND 720 from Rand McNally features Wi-Fi connectivity and dynamic weather updates displayed on the map. Built from the ground up for professional drivers, the TND 720 incorporates hours of testing by truck drivers and was designed to help truckers in each phase of their work day, from planning to driving. With 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units, the device leverages Rand McNally proprietary truck data and know-how derived from over 70 years in the commercial transportation industry.

Product Features

  • Enhanced Truck Routing: Including new routing options for added flexibility on how you reach your destination
  • Exits Quick View: find out about truck-friendly locations off the upcoming exits along your route via new button on the map screen
  • Fuel logging: Track purchases and fuel use, and use the “Bread-crumb” trails option to record and display the paths you’ve traveled -useful on or off roads
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity lets you get Current and forecasted Weather updates, including storms and wind speeds, displayed along your route

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3 Responses to Rand McNally TND 720 IntelliRoute Truck GPS with Lifetime Maps

  1. Anonymous says:

    useful tool but NOT ready for prime time yet I have a love hate relationship with the truck version of Rand GPS units. This unit is far superior to the older ones in the way it does not lock up or just go dead. I bought and issued them to the younger drivers and a few of the older ones. The serious problems with this model is the software which does not seem to find the best route. It will have you going down the interstate in good standing and for no apparent reason have you exit and onto lesser roads to your final stop. It fails to find…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Works good for the most part

  3. Anonymous says:

    One Star