Radar Detector, Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System with 360 Degree Detection, Radar Detectors for Cars

– Extreme Range Super heterodyne technology, with super-fast sweep circuitry.
– Extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the fastest radar guns.
– Detects Ku-Band radar gun currently being used in Europe.
– Detects the latest pop mode radar gun (super-fast instant on mode) .
– Relative speed sensing auto mute system that virtually eliminates false alerts.
– Relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature will render your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors.
– Provides complete immunity to VG-2 radar detector-detectors.
– Electronically remembers radar detector setting for an indefinite period of time even with the power removed.
– X-BAND: 10.525GHz100MHz, detectable distance: 1500-2500m
– K-BAND: 24.150GHz175MHz, detectable distance: 1200-2500m
– Trfor iPod K-BAND: 24.150GHz175MHz, detectable distance: 250-1200m
– KU-BAND: 13.450GHz125MHz, detectable distance: 450-1500m
– KA-BAND: 34.700GHz1300MHz, detectable distance: 800-1500m
– Trfor iPod KA-BAND: 33.400GHz1300MHz, detectable distance: 200600m
【Function operation】
– “UP”: Volume will be increased pressing this button.
– “MENU”: Shift between the city mode and high way mode, it will change language to Russia or English if press this button over 5 seconds.
– “DN”: Volume will be reduced pressing this button.
-OSD Language: English/Russian
-Interface: USB 2.0
– Laser beam: 90433KMHz
– VG-2: 11.150GHz410MHz
– Power: DC 12V
– Voltage: 1000mA
– Size: 120 x 62 x 35mm
【Package Contents】
1 x V9 Radar Detector
1 x Car Charger
1 x Anti-slip Mat

Product Features

  • ✔ This Radar detector features a laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection and easy to install.
  • ✔ Leading you to drive safely and avoid traffic fine. When you detect a position, it will tell you by make a sound to show you are approaching speed detection device, so you can confirms the your speed on the stretch of road.
  • ✔ Detect any stable or mobile Radar Speed Monitor 200-1000m ahead.
  • ✔ Detect any Traffic Monitor or stable Camera (around traffic lights) in advance. Accuracy: more than 90% monitor or stable Camera.
  • ✔ English / Russian voice warning, OEM language and voice are available. Easy installation and control, available for independent installation and use. Fully 16 bands receiver.

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3 Responses to Radar Detector, Voice Alert and Car Speed Alarm System with 360 Degree Detection, Radar Detectors for Cars

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome I just received this. So, I can’t comment on long term use, but my initial impression is very favorable. My first concern was whether it would be big enough. It is just over 15 inches wide, which is large enough for my size 11 shoes to be comfortably spaced apart and still have plenty of room. It is also 1 1/2 inches high. Reviews on similar devices complained about material peeling up, but I can’t see this happening as the top is a solid piece of dense tacky-to-the-touch foam 1/2 inch…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sub asks for another… After receiving this flogger, the first thing I noticed was the tanning of the suede. The edges of the frawns were sharply cut and not ragged like others I’ve seen. The swivel was the next part, after playing with it on a padded stool I noticed just how easy this tool was to manipulate to my ways. Consistent strikes were very easy to obtain and after 10 minutes of playing with the stool I went searching for my sub and showed it to her. No words were needed as the look on her face said all I…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The size is wonderful, too Soooo Soft!!! We were impressed with the quality of the fabric. It is thick and soft, so it does not scratch the skin. The size is wonderful, too! The hood portion is large enough without being too big. It’s just right. It is nice to wrap my 1 year old and 2 year old nieces in such a soft and warm towel that covers them abundantly. Most of the hooded towels we have are too small and made of scratchy fabric. The sewing is solid, so it will not fall apart easily. It’s great to wrap them up in…