Owl Car Cam: The Smart Dash Camera That Sends Video to Your Phone — Driving & Parked. Dual HD Cameras, Video Alerts, Live View, History, 2-Way Talk, A.I. Crash Response.

We’re engineers and entrepreneurs who love to build products that people love. Our founder Andy Hodge was a leader on first gen iPod, first gen iPhone and lead product and strategy at Dropcam. He saw a massive hole in the car security market and wanted to bring all the great features we trust in smart home security to the car, where way more actually happens. Features like constant connectivity, anywhere access on your phone and Video Alerts if something happens while parked. The result? The Owl Car Cam.

Product Features

  • WHY OWL? :: The Owl Car Cam is the high-quality, easy-to-use alternative to dash cams.
  • ALWAYS PROTECTED :: Owl has inside/outside-facing HD cameras (1440/720p) with amazing low-light performance + a 14-day video loop that you can access from your phone. Owl has a pulsing Anti-Theft Security Beacon, automatic Flood Light deterrent, 2-Way Talk, Video Alerts, and much more. Owl uses A.I. to accurately sense events and send video to your phone.
  • ANYWHERE, ANYTIME ::The built-in 4G LTE connection gives you 24/7 video access and protection. So, whether you’re across the street or across the country, you can easily scan through your Video History, check in with Live View, or take action with Video Alerts.
  • VIDEO WHEN YOU NEED IT :: Fight back against unfair blame in a crash with evidence-grade video that you can instantly share with insurance and authorities at the scene. Finally, catch the culprit with Video Alerts for dents and break-ins. Save, edit, and share wild and wonderful driving moments with voice control.
  • LESS THAN 6-MINUTES TO INSTALL :: NO professional install required. NO loose, dangling cables or sticky/damaging adhesives. Beautifully designed to blend in with your dash. 24/7 live chat + phone support. 1-Year Warranty. 100% Theft Replacement. *Works with all vehicles after 1996, except Tesla Model 3. Jeep Wranglers, delivery trucks, buses, RVs, and anyone already using their OBD will need an adapter from the Owl Cam website.* App requires at least iOS 11 (iPhone 6) & Android Oreo.*

For More Information – Click Here

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3 Responses to Owl Car Cam: The Smart Dash Camera That Sends Video to Your Phone — Driving & Parked. Dual HD Cameras, Video Alerts, Live View, History, 2-Way Talk, A.I. Crash Response.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bummer. I really, really, really wanted to love Owl. I’ve owned upwards of 10 different dash cams over the years and the Owl Car Cam seemed to check all the boxes, unfortunately in practice the camera has a number of significant flaws.Issues…1. You can only pair one phone to the Owl, meaning if you are a single car household, the interior driver-facing spotlights will turn on every time the person who’s phone isn’t paired with the owl…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Disappointing Let me start by saying I didn’t buy this camera. I’ve done a good amount of research and I’ll tell you why I chose not to pull the trigger.#1 subscription and credit system.$99yr wouldn’t be bad; however, the credit system is ridiculous! You get 60 credits a month. You’ll be using credits forOK Presto = 1 credit per voice tagLive View = 1 credit per minuteVideo History = 1 credit per minuteAnd when you run out you’ll have to pay another $5 for 60 more…

  3. Anonymous says:

    WARNING…(VERY) LIMITED ANDROID COMPATIBILITY DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID PHONE! You can’t access the video with an Android phone unless you want to pay for extra AT&T data. Apparently OWL didn’t think Android users should have the full functionality that iOS users have and left out the ability to view your recordings locally! Nowhere in any of the instructions, description in this listing, or on the OWL website are the limitations of the Android app mentioned. I gave it 2 stars because it was easy to install and like that it’s…