Original 1971 GMC Campers

gmc campers

1971 GMC campers

From Original 1971 GMC Cams to modern-day GMC Campers and RVs, this iconic vehicle has been a symbol of American Automation. The original 1971 model was the very first production car that General Motors ever built. It is also the very first “hot car” as they called it back then. If you are looking for a great vehicle to take to the road, this could be a perfect choice.

The popularity of the RVs and campers caught on quickly. Even though gas prices were through the roof at that time, more people were willing to try out this new way of traveling. By using campers instead of regular vehicles, they were able to go for longer road trips. But the real reason behind their popularity was the reliability of the GMC.

All of the major auto manufacturers tried to create an automated vehicle but it was GMC who came out with the first successful vehicle. They had designed and tested an automatic from start to finish using real GMC’s and no electricity. This was the beginning of the ‘GMC’ craze in America. Since then, more vehicles have been manufactured with the same features as the Original 1971 Camper.

gmc campers

GMC Campers and RVs

Today, GMC Campers and RVs are known not only for being reliable but also for their durability and high-quality construction. There are many different types of GMC’s and campers including the following:

Specialty Camper

These are manufactured to accommodate the needs of a specific individual or group. For example, a family that has more children than the camper can hold is likely going to need something larger than a family car. There is also a wide range of power sources for these types of cams. Gasoline engines are the most popular of course, but there are other options such as propane and even electricity. The gas engine is most often associated with this type of camper. Because they are easier to work with, requires less maintenance, and of course, produces a higher level of power than the alternative fuel sources. The power source may also affect the price of the camper.

gmc class a

Class A Camper

Also known as the ‘personalized’ camper, these are vehicles that are designed to accommodate the needs of a single person. For example, if a family of four is planning a road trip and only one of them will be driving, then this would be the appropriate classification. Most of the popular Class A GMC’s on the market today can lock the doors and turn on the headlights. But this feature is not included in all makes and models. This makes the camper an excellent choice if you plan to take your family on short trips during the summer months.

class b gmc rv

Class B Camper

Known as the mini camper or the pop-up camper, this type of camper has a larger roof that offers a more expansive view and higher ground clearance. Most of the Class B GMC’s on the market today can lock the doors but there are a few that still have manual locks. There is no doubt, however, that this style of the camper is very versatile.  It can be towed like a regular car and there is enough space built-in for a car bed. Some Class B camper options are available with awnings as well. This camper has been discontinued but is quickly gaining popularity among those who enjoy camping on weekends.

gmc class c rv

Class C Camper

The newest addition to the Class B camper family is the Class C camper which shares some of the features of the B but also can be towed like a car. The main difference is that the C camper has a larger ground clearance. It offers more headroom which allows for a better sleeping arrangement. The weight of this class of camper is, however, heavier than the other types. Which means that it requires a special vehicle to tow it because it is so heavy. This also means that the price for this class of camper is slightly higher than the other camper vans on the market. Still, it has gained popularity and there are many Class C campers on the market today. Perfect for those who want the versatility of Class B but prefer sleeping in the grass.

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