Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display – KM18 Black

Nulaxy KM18 is the best selling FM Transmitter on the market, has been consolidated by uniting quality and high technology. The functions that our KM18 adds to your car without any type of installation and wires is incredible. With our device you bring your classic car to a new generation without change its style or damage the originality of your car. Add in Your Car: 1) Answer calls phones safely and with one click; 2) Listen to music from your phone, MP3 player, tablet , laptop, tf card and connected devices via aux cable in the sound of your car; 3) Control the quality of your car battery with our voltmeter function; 4) Charge your devices through the secure USB port; 5) LCD screen with ideal size to view your telephone calls, music, car battery voltage and other information with more comfort and quality. Add all these functions with just one device is not amazing? Bring your car to new generation in a simple and safe way! Nulaxy, driving you safer and better.

Product Features

  • 1. THE BEST: Consolidated for customers the best FM Transmitter on the market the Nulaxy KM18 won the market for its superior quality and reliability.
  • 2. GREAT ADVANTAGES: Compatible with most devices on the market. Play your favorite songs on your car stereo through Bluetooth, TF Card, Aux Cable. Advanced noise reduction technology will ensure quality, crystal clear sound.
  • 3. BIG LCD DISPLAY: 1. 44 inch screen to better visualize phone calls, music, car battery voltage. The ideal screen size to assist you in driving safe without disturbance.
  • 4. TECHNOLOGY IN YOUR CAR: 1) Bluetooth connection; 2) Answer phone calls with the press of a button; 3) Voltmeter function to monitor the quality of your car battery; 4) 3 different ways to play music in your car, and more.
  • 5. SAFETY FUNCTIONS: Safety first. KM18 is equipped with a voltmeter to show you the condition of your car battery. Voltage should be between 13. 2V to 14. 7V when your car is on and moving. 12. 2V to 12. 8V when your car is parked and ignition is off.

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3 Responses to Nulaxy Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter Audio Adapter Receiver Wireless Hands Free Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display – KM18 Black

  1. Anonymous says:

    In which I answer the burning question “Are the VicTsing and the Nulaxy FM transmitters the same?” With a zillion reviews on this product already, I want to be the guy who actually compares the two products you’re probably looking at: this Nulaxy unit, and the VicTsing T10. If you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to figure out the difference, I can tell you that aside from packaging and instruction manual details, they are EXACTLY the same unit (and both labeled as Made in China, for those who have asked). They both have the horribly loud and annoying voice saying ‘Searching for…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Works amazingly well and has a ton of great features! I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend in 2016 because we have a 1990’s BMW that has a tape player and a CD player in the trunk but no way to plug in or Bluetooth our phones to listen to Pandora or audio books and it was pretty annoying, especially on long car trips. I am a huge believer in Amazon reviews and my family actually jokes that I can’t buy anything without reading reviews for two hours, so as you would expect from that, I did a LOT of research before buying this…

  3. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is wow First thinks first. I was very critical of this product when I ordered it but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at the way it works. My problem was my car has no Bluetooth but it does have a aux port so I had to plug my phone in every time I got in and needed a better way to use my phone in the car. Pros. It’s very easy to set up and pair with your phone with Bluetooth. It Will work with Siri on your iPhone. You can set it up with empty fm station on your radio or use the aux cord…