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The National RV Training Academy leadership team, from left, Steve Anderson, Evada Cooper and Terry Cooper is shown. Cooper is displaying the training center’s certification from the Texas Workforce Commission. (Photo credit: NRVTA)

The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) announced today it has attained the status of a certified licensed education provider from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), according to NRVTA press release.

TWC is the state agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers in Texas.

Certification opens the door for NRVTA to receive state funding through the Texas Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act to help prepare people for new careers as RV technicians and inspectors.

“This is the second major recognition we received in six months,” said Terry “Cooper” Cooper, NRVTA president. “In December, the Texas RV Association (TRVA) formally endorsed the training services provided at the academy. Now, with the TWC certification, it confirms we’re on the right track to accomplish great things for the RV industry.

“Attaining certification was an arduous process that required a complete evaluation and enhancement of our training programs,” he explained. “But with this certification, NRVTA becomes the only Texas-sanctioned educational facility providing training for RV owners, technicians and inspectors throughout the United States.

“It signals that our programs are on par with education received at other licensed Texas training centers,” he added. “TWC certification elevates our level of excellence and expertise, and grants us a great deal of credibility for what we are striving to achieve.”

During the certification process, some changes were made to the curriculum as well as processes, policies and procedures at NRVTA.

For example, the academy created the RV Fundamentals Course, an entry-level training class providing insight into systems onboard an RV and how to diagnose problems with a variety of equipment. The course is a prerequisite for all other NRVTA training, and consumers can take that class alongside prospective RV technicians and inspectors.

Other changes inspired by the TWC include establishing college-like numbering for all classes, such as 200-level for initial training and 300-level for advanced classes. The academy also created an official catalog identifying courses corresponding to Texas Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) 47-0618 as well as the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) standard occupational classification 49-3092.00 for recreation vehicle service technicians.

In preparing for TWC certification, two other organizations were created to provide credentialling for NRVTA graduates. The National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) certifies professionals who complete training, pass a written exam and conduct two graded inspections of a motorhome and towable RV. The RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA) offers three credentials:

  • RVTAA Registered RV Technician for people who complete the RV Fundamentals Course and pass a written exam.
  • RVTAA Certified RV Technician for those who complete five weeks of courses and pass written and hands-on exams.
  • RVTAA Master Certified RV Technician for people who have three years of on-the-job experience as well as pass a formal written and practical exam.

Those organizations had to work with NRVTA to develop curriculum, which was approved by the TWC, to provide training designed to meet specific job needs identified by the U.S. Department of Labor and the State of Texas.

NRVTA opened its doors in 2017 and has grown to 10 instructors and a support staff of 14 people expected to train more than 1,000 students in 2021. The academy has already provided training to staff from more than 90 RV-related companies throughout North America.

“Recognition by the Texas Workforce Commission is a milestone achievement for an idea we conceived over lunch six years ago,” said Steve Anderson, co-founder of NRVTA. “The certification confirms that our vision to train RV technicians and inspectors was important to address a long-standing need in the RV industry.

“Whether training people for jobs at RV dealerships, opportunities to support a travel lifestyle as Workampers, or to launch successful mobile businesses to meet the needs of RV owners and buyers, NRVTA is contributing to the Texans Back to Work Initiative as well as creating jobs throughout North America,” he added.

“We are evaluating options to add classes and staff to accommodate the influx of people wanting jobs or to start businesses in the RV industry,” said Evada Cooper, NRVTA administrator. “I am proud of our ability to fully train and certify RV inspectors or technicians and give them the knowledge they need to get jobs or start businesses.

“Compared to many four-year degrees, where students have to go into debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars only to get jobs paying less than $50,000 annually, the type of technical training we provide at NRVTA offers an exceptional return on our students’ investments of money and time,” she added.

A celebratory event will take place in May at NRVTA with details to be released soon.

For more information about NRVTA training courses, visit; email [email protected] or call (903) 386-0444.

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