“Nomadland,” the movie – Don’t miss it!

By Adrienne Kristine
I have a recommendation for the movie “Nomadland.” If you haven’t seen it, please do. The film reflects a view of the RV lifestyle seldom seen by outsiders.

Fern, Frances McDormand, relaxes outside her van in the campground at Badlands National Park.

Like Fern in the movie, as you travel down the highways you see the beauty in the bleakness of the desert, the scrub brush, the sagebrush, the cactus, the bright snow-covered mountains and hills, and the dirty snow on the side of the road left by the snowplows. Truckers know the I-80 and I-90 corridors from truck stop to truck stop, mile by mile. RVers learn the highways to get there fast and know where to boondock for the night (never next to a reefer). Sometimes we take the blue highways for small detours that lead to small adventures.

I lived this “Nomadland”-type life for seven years

The film describes my seven years as a solo female RVer on the road. Most of what the wonderful Frances McDormand experienced as Fern was what I did. If I didn’t work the winter sugar beets, I knew women who did. I met the Amazon folks and the camp hosts.

Wall Drug, advertised on billboards for miles, makes its debut as another seasonal workplace after the hype. I worked at Camping World to gain more knowledge while boondocking in my RV nearby. I camp hosted at RV campgrounds, private and public. In addition, I worked at state parks and national parks. Fern did the same. You’ll meet and cherish lifetime friends you met on the road. You rest in Quartzsite and spaces on BLM land.

You learn to live a life measured in days, months and miles.

And the best part? Wherever you are, you’re home. You stow your gear, start the engine and wave – not goodbye, but see-you-down-the-road. When you look back, you can see the look in other people’s eyes when you leave for your next adventure. You know if they could, they would drop everything and follow you.

Adrienne Kristine is a former staff member of RVtravel.com. “Nomadland” can be streamed for free with a membership to Hulu.com.


New film “Nomadland” worth viewing and pondering

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