Mr.Ho 10 AMP 12V Car Audio Radio Amplifier Noise Suppressor and Stereo Filter with Ground Loop Isolator

1.Car is not activated when the car sound no noise, the car starts after the car sound noise, this phenomenon is mostly due to car electrical appliances on the car audio power interference caused by the installation of power filters can eliminate these noise.
2.FMS audio suppressor is designed to eliminate Ground Loop Noise and reduces Humming and Buzzing Noises.

Usage Method:
Open the dash of your car.
Find the positive and negative line of the mobile electronics and your car.
Splice the red wire to the line of 12V input.
Splice the blue wire to the positive line of the mobile electronics.
Splice the black wire to the ground wire of your car.
Tuck the car audio noise suppressor behind the dash.
Finish it, the noise of your car audio, amplifier and other source units will be eliminated.

Ensure your car mobile electronics have a good ground wire.
Don’t go from the ground terminal of one electronic to the other one, and from there to ground.
If you have two or over two car mobile electronics, you also install two or over two car audio noise suppressors.

Material: Plastic & Metal
Current: 10A
Voltage: 12V
Package Size: 7.13 * 4.29 * 1.18 inches
Body Size: 1.67 * 1.81 * 0.79 inches
Cable Length: 7.68 inches
Net Weight: 1.27 ounce
Casing Color: Black & Gray
Cable Color: Black & Red & Blue
Package Include: 1 * Mr. Ho 10A Car Audio Noise Suppressor

Product Features

  • ELIMINATING BUZZING NOISE : It can eliminate the engine noise of stereos and amps, the alternator noise, the noise of ground loop and the car engine noise. Keep a clear listening environment for you.
  • FULL FREQUENCY RESPONSE: car stereo to produces powerful resonance and while filterinh the electrical interference coming from the speaker
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Attach the red wire to 12v on the fuse box or battery then attach the blue wire to the power cord of the radio where the electricity is going. Lastly, ground the black wire to the vehicle’s frame or any available ground wire
  • SMALL SIZE:The body size is 1.67 * 1.81 * 0.79 inches. It is suitable to install behind your car accessory socket. Save lots of space for the panel and keep the electronics wires tidy.
  • SUITABLEELECTRONICS: It is suitable for car audio, radio, amplifier stereo receivers, equalizers, and other mobile electronics.

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