Midland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB with Switchable Noise Filter

Midland 5001z 40-channel Z-model Mid-tier Cb Radio midland 5001z 40-channel Z-model Mid-tier Cb Radio4w ; Front Panel Microphone Connector; Pa Function; analog Power Meter; Dimmer Switch; instant Channel 9;rf Gain; Noise Blanker; Automatic Noise Limiter; External Speaker Connector; includes Microphone With 9-ft Coil Cord, Mounting Bracket & Hardware & Fused Dc Power Cord

Product Features

  • 5001 CB Radio.
  • 40-Channels.
  • 4-Watt Output Power-Delivers maximum communication range.
  • Xtra Talk Mic Gain-Boosts transmit audio sensitivity to give you increased voice clarity.
  • RF Gain Control-Adjusts reception sensitivity (range) for clear reception.
  • 40 Channel CB with 4 Watt Output
  • X-Tra Talk Mic Gain Control
  • PA function, Dimmer Switch, Analog Power Meter, and Automatic Noise Limiter.
  • Instant Channel 9
  • Full Size Microphone with locking connector

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3 Responses to Midland 5001Z 40-Channel Mobile CB with Switchable Noise Filter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Best Noise Blanker Ever, However Channel Rejection is Poor To those new to CB Radio, whether you’re driving on the road or talk on a base station, electrical (AC line noise most notably) noise often makes receiving stations a challenge. This is the buzzing and humming sounds you most often hear when powerlines are anywhere nearby. Most new CB radios today have a poor noise blanker (they’re usually little more than simply an audio filter, which does nothing to block out the actual noise). I was actually quite shocked at how effective the noise…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Basic CB

  3. Anonymous says:

    great starter kit