MFJ Enterprises Original MFJ-260C Dummy Load, 300 Watt, 0-650 MHz, Dry

The MFJ-260C is an air cooled, non-inductive Dry Dummy Load, in a perforated metal housing.
It has an SO-239 connector input for any cable with a PL-259 Connector.
It can handle a full 300 watt load for up to 30 seconds, with derating power / time curve to 5 minutes Silk-screened right on the unit for handy reference.
SWR below 1.1:1 to 30 MHz, 1.5:1 from 30 to 650Mhz.
It measures a super compact 2 1/4×2 1/4×7 inches.

Product Features

  • 1-650MHz 300W Non-Inductive Dry Dummy Load.
  • Great for testing and Repairing Amateur, Ham, CB & other Two Way Radios.
  • Handles 300W for 30 seconds, & other lower powers for 5 mins or less on a listed power/time curve.
  • Accepts a PL-259 Connector.
  • Shielded Metal Housing.

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3 Responses to MFJ Enterprises Original MFJ-260C Dummy Load, 300 Watt, 0-650 MHz, Dry

  1. Anonymous says:

    One of the must have items for any ham radio operator Dummy loads and antenna analyzer are the two tools you’ll go to everytime your radio gives you hiccups. The dummy load simulates a perfect antenna that can be used a reference point.I was originally going to give this a zero star review because it arrived to me open circuit. Inside a dummy load is a resistor. A non-inductive, pulse withstanding resistor, typically of this price level its a carbon composition or a carbon pile with horrific temper coefficients, but still. a 50 ohm 10%…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Defective – Open circuit

  3. Anonymous says:

    VERY handy for testing radios These “perfect antennas” allow a …