Kohree Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Plug Adapter

kohree dogbone heavy duty

Kohree Dogbone Heavy Duty RV Power Cord Plug Adapter, 15Amp Male to 30Amp Female With Twist Lock, LED Indicator

This is one adapter that offers what you expect in a Kohree power cord adapter, with a super heavy-duty construction and a twist-lock cable tie. It is an essential RV accessory for several reasons. First, it’s made from steel to ensure a durable and strong construction that is both lightweight and extremely durable. It also allows you to connect more cables. And it has a twist lock to ensure your power cord stays in place and stays straight and that you do not accidentally remove the cord when tying the RV in the rear of the car. The adapter also has a LED indicator that tells you the output of the power cord and if there is power when the adapter is not attached. This is a solid all-around power cord adapter, for an all-around power cord.


30 Amp Output Power Cord Adapter from Kohree, 15 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Twist Lock, to Secure Power Cord and Keep It Straight

LED Indicator

Heavy Duty Power Cord Adapter

15 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female Adapter


If you want to plug any power cords into your RV, whether it be an extension cord or a power cord that you pull into the RV when you park, this heavy-duty Kohree power cord adapter will make the process of doing so much easier, for both you and the RV. This is a very handy item to have, especially in the great outdoors.

When you’re driving your RV on the road or while boondocking, keeping the cord tidy and straight is very important. Because this is a heavy-duty adapter, it can take a lot of abuse in the outdoors. And while it is made from steel and heavy-duty, you do not want it to be too heavy to drag around, so the power cord can be easily pulled out and out of place when you need it.

So, a heavy-duty Kohree RV power cord adapter will offer you the best of both worlds. It will protect your RV power cord while it is attached, as well as when it is pulled out of the RV and into the road or when it is pulling the power cord behind you as you are boondocking.

And, if you are looking for a heavy-duty Kohree power cord adapter, one that can protect your RV power cord, make your life so much easier, and take a little abuse, this is the item for you.

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