How do you feel about RV parks charging more when demand is high, like airlines and hotels do?

It’s already happening, and you can expect it will be happening more often beginning this summer: RV parks are raising the price of a campsite based on demand. Midweek, when plenty of spaces are available, the cost of an overnight stay would be lower. But as the weekend approaches, and sites begin to get booked, the cost would go up. A $35 site for Tuesday night could end up at $60 on Friday night, or even more. Want a site for next July 4th weekend? Expect the highest rates of the year!

In a recent reader’s poll we asked, “Would you pay $80 for a $40 hookup campsite if it were the only available site for 50 miles?” More than one-third of the 3,425 readers who responded answered yes. That $80 price would likely be a result of “demand pricing.”

RV parks owners won’t even be involved in the process. Sophisticated reservation systems will do all the work, changing prices by the minute. Just as airlines charge more for a last-minute flight, so will RV parks.

The good news about this is that, if you’re willing to pay a premium price, you might snag a campsite you couldn’t otherwise. The bad news is that the cost of camping, overall, will climb, especially in the “high season.”

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