Hasde Laser Radar Detector, Auto 360 Degree Detection, Voice Prompt Speed, LED Display, City/Highway Mode Radar Detector for Cars

Input voltage: DC 12V
Current requirement: 200mA
Display mode: LED
Button mode: three buttons
Power consumption: 1.5W
Operation guide:
Quick Instruction Guide
Plug the product on the car charger, and it starts work
Voice adjustment: to press the “DN†or “UP†button shortly.
City Mode/High way mode: (High way mode is the default setting): to press the middle button shortly.
Exchange of Language: to press the middle button for about 10s.
To make the signal only showing on the display screen, mute setting: when there is signal received and when it is making vocal alerting, just to press button â€UP†button shortly.
Vocal alerting: to re-plug the product on the car charger. It will back to vocal alerting again from the status of mute

K-Band receiving frequency range (22.8 ~ 24.5) GHz, sensitivity value (132 ± 2) dB
Ka-Band receiving frequency range (33.0 ~ 36.0) GHz, sensitivity value (132 ± 2) dB
Support X K Ka VG-2 band

VG-2: 11.150GHZ +/- 175MHz
X-band: 10.525GHz +/- 25MHz
K-band: 24.150GHz +/- 100MHz
Ka-band: 33.890GHz +/- 750MHz
Language: Russian, English
Product size: 98 * 62 * 33
Speaker: 8Î, 1.0 W
Early warning type: mobile speed measurement
Packing quantity: 50PCS
Operating temperature: -10 ┃ ~ 70 ┃

1 * radar detector
1 * Car charging
1 * Slip mat
1 Ã- Manual

Product Features

  • 360 Degree Detection : Support 360-degree full-band scanning,These radar bands include conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, SuperWide Ka-band.High accuracy to avoid false alerts.
  • Fast and Stable : The radar detector can detect any stable or mobile Radar Speed Monitor 200-1000m ahead and fast reaction by the voice prompt, provides you advance warning in driving.It features a laser eye detector for a 360 degree laser detection and is easy to install
  • CITY/ HIGHWAY MODES OPTION : The user can select the operating model in city or highway models which can reduce the false frequency in densely populated urban areas. Extreme range super heterodyne technology and super-fast sweep circuitry hep you to extra the range and the accuracy of detection.
  • Bands : VG-2: 11.150GHZ +/- 175MHz, X-band: 10.525GHz +/- 25MHz, K-band: 24.150GHz +/- 100MHz, Ka-band: 33.890GHz +/- 750MHz
  • WHAT YOU GET : 1 x Radar Detector, 1 x Power Cord (DC12V), 1 x Anti Slip Mat and the package box with user guide. 12-MONTH WARRANGTY AND LIFE TIME FRIENDLY & EASY TO REACH CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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