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Girard Products LLC today (April 29) announced that its GSWH-2 Tankless Water Heater has gained significant market share at both the OEM and Aftermarket in 2021, according to a company release.

Due to the increase in demand, inventory has been limited, which created a backlog at both the OEM and Aftermarket for the first quarter of this year. However, the supply line is slowly being filled, which is helping to reduce the backlog. Girard’s goal is to be back to normal order lead time by summer.

Girard Products has been manufacturing tankless water heaters since 2009 and the 3rd generation (GSWH-2) was released in 2015. The GSWH-2 Water Heater has set sales records annually.

Girard’s substantial growth in 2021 solidifies their #1 position in the RV Tankless Water Heater market.

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