Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps and Traffic, Smart Notifications, Voice Activation, and Driver Alerts

Garmin Drive Smart 60 North America LMT is an advanced GPS navigator with 6-inch pinch-to-zoom display that combines the latest in driver awareness features with Bluetooth hands-free calling, voice-activated navigation, and onscreen smart notifications (calls, texts and other app alerts) to encourage safer driving. Includes preloaded maps of North America with lifetime updates, free lifetime traffic, Active Lane Guidance and more. You’re alerted if approaching traffic jams, dangerous curves, speed zone changes, or railroad crossings. Plus, a fatigue warning even suggests a break after hours of driving, identifying potential rest areas ahead.

Product Features

  • DRIVER ALERTS – Receive alerts for upcoming sharp curves, speed changes, school zones, a fatigue warning, nearby red light and speed cameras and more
  • This USB mass storage device is compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.EASY TO USE – Dedicated GPS navigators display current street, current speed, speed limit and arrival time
  • GARMIN REAL DIRECTIONS – Guides like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. Battery life up to 1 hour
  • SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS – Customizable smart notifications let you display calls, texts and other app alerts on your navigation screen (select models)
  • HANDS-FREE NAVIGATION – Bluetooth calling and voice-activated navigation allow your hands to remain safely on the wheel as you navigate and make or receive calls

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2 Responses to Garmin DriveSmart 60 NA LMT GPS Navigator System with Lifetime Maps and Traffic, Smart Notifications, Voice Activation, and Driver Alerts

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a new version of the excellent Garmin nuvi 2689; however, consider getting the 2689 (or any 2X89 or 2X99) instead —————————————————————- MY BOTTOM LINE REC —————————————————————-With heavy use & experimentation of a DriveSmart unit during the first month of its release, I came away with mixed feelings about this new Garmin DriveSmart line, after an initially positive first impression. I ultimately found that the DriveSmart GPS is not quite as good as its immediate processors in a few key ways,…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Solid unit with great features, but still a work in progress I recently bought the DS 60 NA LMT to replace a three year old Nuvi that developed a bad connection with the plug so it would not longer charge. Anyway I brought this since I wanted a larger more detailed screen than the low resolution one on the older unit. I prefer having a dedicated unit over using Google Nav on my smartphone since I frequently receive phone call and emails while driving which can interrupt the navigation. This unit seemed to have all the features I need, live traffic,…