Galaxy DX-99V2 Mobile Amateur Radio

This is a 10 meter radio. It is NOT a CB Radio. The Galaxy DX99V2 is the only Galaxy all-mode mobile radio. It operates on AM/FM/LSB/USB. With dual MOSFET finals, the Galaxy DX 99 V2 draws less than 10A. That means you can source its power anywhere a standard radio is sourced. You don’t need to use heavy gauge power cabling. And where space is at a premium, it’s easier to install than the V1 because of its front mic jack. Note that a license to operate amateur radios may be required in your area. The end user is solely responsible for proper operation of amateur radio equipment and adhering to the regulations of their country. In the U.S., it is legal to purchase amateur radios and receive on amateur radio bands but an amateur radio license is required to transmit.

Product Features

  • AM/FM/SSB; Automatic SWR circuit; Blue LED channel and frequency digits.
  • Talkback circuit with on /off switch.
  • Echo and voice changer; Streamlined chassis with front mic jack.
  • High performance main circuit board (same as the one used in the DX98VHP) provides increased frequency stability and accuracy for sideband, as well as increased sensitivity and selectivity on receive.
  • Sall LED indicators for Modulation lamp (red); High SWR alert (red); Roger beep (blue); Transmit/Receive (red/blue).

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3 Responses to Galaxy DX-99V2 Mobile Amateur Radio

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have many 10/11 meter transceivers but this one I would not recommend based upon my experience AM performs well. SSB PEP power tests well below expectations. The SO-239 connector on the back of the radio was loose making proper coaxial connector contact an issue. The clarifier performance is also below expectations with difficulty tuning to incoming SSB signals. I have many 10/11 meter transceivers but this one I would not recommend based upon my experience. In any manufacturing process a certain percentage of product will have problems but the number and nature of the problems with…