Galaxy DX-939 Backlit 40ch Mobile CB Radio with TalkBack & Roger Beep

Galaxy CB radios are designed with Features that a serious CB operator can appreciate and a new user can easily master. The radio functions are laid out in a driver friendly format essential for ease of use while keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead. Each knob or button controls its own task, minimizing the need to look at a display or cycle through multiple menus. If sideband isn’t your thing and space isn’t a problem, it doesn’t get much better than the DX-939. A Star Lite faceplate and blue LEDs combine to make this radio as good a looker as it is a talker. Galaxy DX-939 Features: AM and PA Modes Large, Easy-to-Read Meter with: Calibrated Power Output Scale Modulation Percentage Scale Signal Strength Scale indicates up to 60 dB over S9 SWR Scale Star Lite Faceplate (all lettering is backlit)Five-digit Frequency Counter with On/Off Switch Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure)High SWR Alert Circuit with Warning LED Talkback Circuit with On/Off Switch and Volume Control Variable Power Output Control Variable Dimmer Control with On/Off Switch Roger Beep with On/Off Switch and LED Indicator Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter Circuits Blue Channel and Frequency LEDs Blue Meter Lamp Full-sized Chassis Side Mic Jack 3-Position Tone Control Switch for Receive Blue/Red LED Indicator for RX/TX Receive (RF) Gain Control Mic Gain Control Rear Jacks for External Speaker and Public Address Use Three Year Limited Warranty Dimensions:7-7/8″W x 9-1/4″D x 2-5/16″H (Depth does not include knobs or antenna connector) (Width does not include side mic connection)Radio Weight with Microphone: 4.4 pounds Shipping Weight: 5.8 pounds What’s in the box beside the radio: Handheld Microphone Radio Mounting Bracket and Microphone Mounting Hardware Power Cord Owner’s Manual

Product Features

  • Star Lite faceplate makes all lettering glow in the dark
  • Large, easy-to-read meter with scales for power output, modulation, SWR and incoming signal
  • Five-digit frequency counter and two-digit channel display using large blue LEDs , variable power output control, variable talkback circuit with on/off switch
  • Automatic SWR circuit with an SWR alert LED, Roger Beep circuit with on/off switch
  • Variable dimmer control, frequency display on/off switch, 3-position tone switch for receive

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3 Responses to Galaxy DX-939 Backlit 40ch Mobile CB Radio with TalkBack & Roger Beep

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice CB for the money So far it has been a real good radio. The first one I purchased had a short and blew as soon as I turned it on, but this one is good. It has a lot of good features that you can’t get on cheaper radios. The face lights up so you can read the functions in the dark. The receive is really good on this radio as well as all Galaxy radios. I get compliments from people who see it and others have said that they have always wanted a Galaxy radio. I don’t regret buying it, but I would have purchased a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This radio has been a great addition to my set up I installed this radio in my truck to replace my old Cobra 148 GTL. This radio has been a great addition to my set up. The reception on it is very good. I have noticed a significant improvement in the sound and clarity of my communications. The back light on the screen makes it great for those who commute in the dark hours. I will agree with those who say the dimmer does not work on the counters until the other portion of the face plate is dark, but I use it at full power all the time so for me…