Escort Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors

Escort STANDARD DIRECT WIRE. Escort Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors.

Product Features

  • Direct wire cord delivers power to Escort radar and laser detectors
  • Installs within vehicle fuse panel for convenient use
  • Doesn’t interfere with driving functions, unlike some cigarette lighter cords
  • Compatible with Passport 8500 X50, Solo S2, and Passport 7500S models
  • Also fits earlier Passport 8500, 7500, and 6800 detectors

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2 Responses to Escort Direct Wire Power Cord for Radar and Laser Detectors

  1. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work with Max360 I acknowledge that the Max360 is not listed as a supported detector. But it also isn’t reasonable to expect them to list every single detector model or to assume that the pinout suddenly changed with the Max360. In such a case, I would expect them to say so and call out that the Max360 is specifically not supported.Detail: This is a 2-wire cable with 1x 12V wire and 1x ground. The SmartCord that comes with the Max360 is a 4-wire cable with 1x 12V, 1x 10V, and 2 ground wires. But I…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s okay, I guess I like it. For those looking into this, you basically crimp the blue connector to a 12v wire and stick the male positive end into it. The round negative connection goes to any metal piece and of course the RJ11 (phone) connection plugs into the radar detector.I had to modify the cable. The male positive connection end piece, I changed it from a male end to a female end to plug directly into a fuse box contact. (My truck uses mini fuses so the male connector was too big.) Did I have to do…