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Duo Form, Edwardsburg, Mich., today (May 3) announced the launch of its new Pet Product Division – DUO-PETS.

“DUO-PETS, powered by Duo; will bring Duo’s over 50-year legacy in producing high-quality RV OEM parts and aftermarket accessories to the pet product world,” Shelly Ditmer, president of Duo Form, stated in a release. “Quality, value, service and products to serve our customers will be at the cornerstone of the DUO-Pets venture.”

DUO-PETS will provide everyday solutions to common and intriguing issues that arise with pet ownership. Even before the pandemic, pet care spending was on an upward trajectory. The $131 billion global industry is expected to have a 7% compound annual growth rate over the next five years, according to research by Jefferies. The U.S. is the largest market for the pet care industry – an approximately $53 billion market that’s projected to reach about $64 billion over the next four years,.

With that being said, Duo Form officials have decided that while there are a lot of good pet products on the market, they have an opportunity to rely on their RV and camping experience to help build specialty pet products that will make camping with a pet easier and more hassle-free, a niche that they feel has been underserved in the market.

“Pets are a part of the family,” said Mike Gonser, Duo Form vice president of operations and pet breeder. “Of course, people want to take their four-legged family members camping with them. So, let’s take our knowledge of campers and RVers’ habits and engineer some interesting, user-friendly and unique accessories that will make those adventures easier.”

The first product launch for DUO-PETS is the much-anticipated GO PET B&B, the first and only hard-sided luggage designed just for pets. Perfect for the pet on the go – whether camping, RVing or traveling by train or bus – this luxurious pet luggage is the absolute best choice for the travel-savvy pet. Ultra-durable and hygienic, the specialty-engineered material luggage case has the bed and breakfast built-in. The Go PET B&B is easy to pack and fun to take with you, and then easily transforms into an instant comfy travel pet bed and food/water storage station.

“The GO PET B & B will come in three colors to start with,” Ditmer explained, “and will have upgradeable features and add-on accessories like a shoulder strap, backpack straps and decorative decals and faceplates to make it as unique as the pets we are creating them for.”

Duo plans to offer an exciting retail merchandising opportunity for RV dealers and looks forward to partnering with the industry to make this new pet segment a success.

According to local market trends for Duo’s regional target audience of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, there are over 1,112,500 people who own an RV and a dog. And while the Go Pet B&B isn’t only designed for dogs, Duo is excited to launch a new and unique product under this new venture and have several other new products in development to add to the DUO-PETS family as well.

If you would like more information about this topic please contact DUO at [email protected]

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