Dometic DuoTherm Penguin 3311883000 RV AC Air Hard Start Kit, Ships FREE TODAY!

Dometic DuoTherm Penguin 3311883000 RV AC Air Hard Start Kit, Ships FREE TODAY!
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Price: 3195 USD

Dometic DuoTherm Penguin 3311883000 RV AC Air Hard Start Kit, Ships FREE TODAY!


Your NEW DOMETIC Penguin Hard Start Kit is a CUSTOM MADE solid-state start relay/hard-start capacitor – made exclusive for Appliance-and-Air RV-Parts. Fits ALL Brands of RV Air Conditioners.
No loose parts or complicated wiring, start capacitor, and PTC relay is wired together inside the sealed housing – easy DIY job – no electrician required…
Simply clip it on and attach the two wires to your run capacitor as shown in the included instructions.

Exclusive & FREE – Tips, Instructions, and a Troubleshooting Guide are INCLUDED with your purchase!  Courtesy of Appliance and Air copyright © exclusively available on e-bay!

Don’t do it…  Hard start kits for Home Air conditioning are made for a HOME A/C, rated at about 60’000+ BTU. This oversized Hard Start might kill your RV A/C compressor because your RV unit is much SMALLER  (less than 15’00 BTU).  Our Hard-Start Super Boost is custom made for Appliance and Air to fit your RV Camper Air Conditioning!

Tips and Tricks to get your A/C running:   Discover various insider Tips and Tricks to keep your RV A/C working – FREE, included with your purchase (© ApplianceandAir)

The secret world of Capacitors and Hard Start:  A useful introduction to the most important parts of your Air Conditioning unit – FREE, included with your purchase (© ApplianceandAir)

Is your A/C compressor gone…?  Read our easy to understand instructions about how to test your A/C – FREE,  included with your purchase (© ApplianceandAir)

Basic Wiring Diagrams for your Roof-top A/C:   Wiring diagrams for your A/C – exclusive drawings for our e-bay customers –  FREE, included with your purchase (© ApplianceandAir)

A must-have for the devoted RV – Enthusiast!
Don’t fool around complicated wiring, drilling holes, difficult installations…
And.. don’t kill your Air conditioner with an incompatible hard start capacitor…
Our custom made Hard start Capacitor fits ALL RV Camper Air conditioning Models!

Fits most penguin (600 series):
620412.331, 620415.33(x), 620425.33(x), 620426.33(x), 620515.33(x),
620525.33(x), 620526.33(x), 620615.33(x), 620625.33(x), 620626.33(x),
620712.331, 620715.331, 620725.331, 620726.331, 630025.331, 630035.331,
630045.331, 630515.33(x), 630516.331, 630715.331, 630716.331, 3253.332,
3253.331, 3253.334, 3273.331, 3254.331

NOTE:  Do you have START-UP problems with a
Rooftop A/C and a Portable Generator on an RV or Camper? The Generator stalls
and trips the Overload when the Air conditioner starts…
 Click here to learn more about
this amazing new solution!

Please let me know if you have any questions. This is what I am here for; many suppliers do not even know what they are selling…
I am proud of being able to help you!

I only sell commercial quality parts – guaranteed to be brand-new – at a very affordable price…

FAST and FREE SHIPPING with USPS First Class Mail
(including Tracking /
Delivery Confirmation via e-mail!)

if ordered before 2 PM Eastern Time (EST).

Do you need an introduction to how an RV A/C Hard Start and Run-Capacitor works and how to check it?
I’ll attach 5 trouble-shooting instructions & Tips and Tricks (easy to understand)!
 (Courtesy of Appliance and Air copyright © 1996 – 2020)
And…  you will receive a little present – just in case you need some hardware…
(After over 40 Years of repair-service – I may know what you’re looking for…)

A must-have for the organized Service Tech!
Don’t run back to the warehouse supplier and waste your time and money…

Each item is individually packed including a label with description…
just enter YOUR sales price in the empty spot, and you are ready for business!

Terms And Conditions: PAY PAL ONLY auction — Pay securely
with any major credit card through PayPal!

Please make sure you are purchasing
the correct item! We do not accept returns for this new electrical part –
except the part is damaged or “DOA – dead on arrival”.
You’ll get a guaranteed 100% NEW and perfect working item, not a used part that
others had in their hands…

We appreciate and thank you for your
business.  Have a blessed and wonderful day!
Appliance and Air.

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