Dashcams Vehicle Video Recorder 1080P Dash Cam with 2 Mounts for Cars and Trucks Single Front Dashboard Camera

Product Features

  • DASHCAMS VIDEO QUALITY: Our dash cams offer sharper 1080p “Full HD” quality, as opposed to 720p resolution. This added detail could come in handy when you need to zoom in on a frame to analyze, say, a license plate or person’s face. Still our dash cam recoder has wide-angle, 170-degree lenses to capture a wider field of view.And also offer night vision support offering clear video even at the dark night.
  • G-SENSOR: Dash camera record smaller snippets of footage, usually in increments of one to two minutes at a time. The cameras continually record over the oldest clip in order to keep the memory card from filling up as well. And while older models typically required the user to manually save or tag the appropriate clip in the event of an accident, new G-Sensor-based incident detection technology has taken over, and now our tiny front dashcam takes care of this automatically.
  • PLAY BACK: Of course, you might enjoy footage captured that has nothing to do with an accident or malicious incident – say, a family road trip through the mountains or a recording of wildlife, a tornado or comet. The memory card is easy to pop out, you can watch the videos with a micro sd card reader; Still you can connect directly to your computer/tv by the come with usb data cable
  • LOOP RECORDING: Seamless Loop Recording creates video clips, automatically overwrites the oldest unlocked file to save the current file. Infinite loop recording, never miss any moment. You can set off/1min/3mins/5mins/10mins for looping.
  • WARRANTY: Warranty: All dash-cam video cameras sold from D.DA.D Direct include a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is to cover manufacturer defects and we stand behind the products we sell. If any issue feel free to contact us D.DA.D-VIP@OUTLOOK.COM

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2 Responses to Dashcams Vehicle Video Recorder 1080P Dash Cam with 2 Mounts for Cars and Trucks Single Front Dashboard Camera

  1. Anonymous says:

    Compact size and the vision is clear, recommend

  2. Anonymous says:

    I looked at a bunch of these, ordered a few, and this one is def worth it. Sent a few back for poor quality and/or defects, but this one I’m going to keep. Much better materials and screen quality than most others. Accessories that come with it are also above average compared to the ones I’ve seen. Menu system is much easier to navigate, but still takes a little getting used to. Prefer that the rear camera can be simply removed by the headphone jack quickly and easily, but still holds firm…