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The RV industry is used to twists and turns which is exactly why you’ll see them making every effort to stay ahead of the curve. When it comes to advances in technology, RVs are sporting more features and high-tech gadgets than ever before. The comforts of home are included, as always, but we’re seeing more and more that RVs are starting to feel like high-end luxury apartments and not just a home on wheels. So, buckle up as we hit the ground running with our favorite cool new RV tech features.

All Things Solar

Camping with solar panels for converting energy from the sun to electricity.
Time your energy use for peak sun hours.

It’s rare to find a new RV these days that’s not solar prepped. Many have solar panels already installed and are ready to soak up the sun right off the lot. But for those that don’t, solar installation is an easy upgrade to make. The benefits of having solar panels established on your RV continue to grow. Solar power can operate your interior lights without any drain on your battery, prolonging battery life and your camping experience. Solar panels are popular for good reason. Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels This Summer.

Let’s look at the 2022 Hideout Travel Trailer, for example. Solarflex 200 is standard on all new Hideout Travel Trailers. We’re talking 30A solar roof port with MC4 connectors and a 10 AWG MPPT solar charging circuit, a 200-watt solar panel from Future Solutions, an inverted 110-volt loop prep with up to seven outlets, and a Zamp Solar portable solar panel charging port. It also comes with a 15A Victron SmartSolar MPPT controller that can be used with an app on your phone. Smart solar tech–how’s that for cool?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

New Tires For RV Camper Van. Taking Care of Motorhome and Travel Trailer Tires.
Image from Getty

Nothing stops you in your tracks quite like a tire blowout. They’re not only inconvenient, but they’re dangerous. Losing control of an RV while it’s in motion is scary, so it’s better to plan ahead. How you ask? With an integrated new tire pressure monitoring system.

When you’re covering a lot of ground, having a tire pressure monitoring system (TPM) to monitor your RV’s health makes maintenance easier. If you’re wondering why tires are such a big deal, read through the RV Tire Basics You Should Know. How TPM systems work? Sensors are placed directly on your tires that send information back to a monitoring screen typically mounted on your dashboard. The newest systems monitor the pressure in your tires and trigger an alert if the pressure falls below a designated threshold.

Tire blowouts can be one of the worst things to happen while on the road. With a quality tire pressure monitoring system, you’re notified before that happens. Most systems also monitor your tires for leakage, temperature, and more.

Hyperdeck Flooring

Flooring Samples
Image: Shutterstock

Let’s be honest, nothing impacts the overall design of your RV more than the flooring. It can make your RV feel open and spacious or it can break up the flow for a choppy, divided feeling. When space is limited, it’s the former you want to reach for. With the same flooring throughout, the natural flow is enhanced and the overall aesthetic is elevated. More than just aesthetics, RV flooring must stand up to significant wear and tear. That’s why one of the coolest new developments in RV flooring is Hyperdeck.

Hyperdeck/Dyna Span flooring is the coolest flooring option in new RVs and here’s why:

  • Made of waterproof non-organic materials
  • Will not rot, mold, swell, or mildew
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant wood fiber strand decking

Keystone’s Cougar line of luxury fifth wheels and travel trailers all come with hyperdeck flooring. No need to adapt your lifestyle to your RV flooring when your RV flooring has already adapted to your lifestyle. Outdoor adventures and camping on the road can be messy, but these floors are built to withstand those conditions and outlast them. Plus, they carry a 25-year warranty against delamination, glue bond failure, and manufacturing defects. Cool, right?

iN-Command System

Keystone's concept Fuzion 427 triple axle toy hauler featured axles and hitch that integrated with weight sensing technology that can communicate with the iN∙Command Control Systems app.
Keystone’s concept Fuzion 427 triple axle toy hauler featured axles and hitch that integrated with weight sensing technology that can communicate with the iN∙Command Control Systems app.

Speaking of the Keystone Cougar, their use of the iN-Command system is worth mentioning. Smart homes have changed the way we live. Who doesn’t enjoy controlling things from a distance? Especially these days. Everyone wants the option to control everything from the palm of their hand, regardless of what it is or where they are.

With the iN-Command system, you’re able to successfully operate your RV’s slides, awnings, lights, and even program the HVAC. Yes, you can control the temperature of your RV from any distance. It’s convenient and it’s definitely cool. It’s the latest in remote control. Worried about this tech breaking down? Don’t worry. Color-coded wiring makes troubleshooting a breeze in the event you need to take a look behind the curtain.

The Giggy Box

Giggy Box
Image: Keystone RV

It’s a funny word, but protecting your battery disconnect is no laughing matter. The Giggy Box takes its job seriously. As the industry’s first organized 12-volt wiring distribution, it offers breaker protection and an upgraded battery disconnect location that eliminates all parasitic draws. As a bonus, there isn’t any exposure to the elements or road debris. See? Funny word, but serious performance.

Cool Entertainment Options

Thor Chateau Dinette
The Thor Chateau Dinette with a television mounted above is the perfect indoor getaway.

You’ll never reach a dead-end when trying to outrun the constant upgrades to our favorite entertainment items. However, choosing to invest in a quality TV is always a good choice to make. For those long road trips or when the weather forces you to stay inside, a nice TV could be the saving grace. Binging whatever show is trending at the moment or watching an old favorite movie is a good way to bring the family together.

Another item to stay up to date with is a WiFi booster. It’s not a secret that most campsites have less than amazing signal strength when it comes to the Internet, so get ahead of the game with a booster. Never worry about having the speed to work from the road or stream your devices again. I promise your kids will think this is the coolest part of the list.

Whether you’re in the market for a new RV or you’re upgrading an existing one, it’s always worth staying on top of the new advancements being made in the field. What’s your favorite tech part of an RV? What, in your opinion, could use improvement? Tell us in the comments below.

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