Cobra HH50 Wxst – Hand Held, CB Radio, Earphone Jack, 4 Watt, Noise Reduction, NOAA, Dual Watch

Key up on the go with the HH 50 WX ST from Cobra. Tune in to all forty CB channels as well as ten added weather channels for solid, up-to-date information on the latest road conditions. Cobra’s Soundtracker Noise Reduction System limits interference for true transmissions so chatting clearly is no problem. An illuminated multifunctional display and rugged build allow for operation no matter the weather or time. The rugged-and-ready Cobra HH 50 WX ST comes feature-rich and fully equipped with a 12 volt cord.

Product Features

  • SOUND TRACKER SYSTEM – Don’t miss any important information due to interference or static, with the soundtracker system cutting 90% of the noise, you’ll hear clearer communication
  • STAY INFORMED – NOAA Alerts for weather and emergencies. Built in to the radio you can be prepared for anything.
  • CHANNEL SCAN – find the channel with the best signal automatically, with 40 channels to chose from. You won’t have to manually search for a strong signal again.
  • DUAL WATCH – select two channels to constantly monitor simultaneously. Keep an ear open for incoming transmissions on multiple channels so you will hear alerts around you.
  • EXTENDED RANGE – 4 watt power output allows maximum power and extended range of communication.

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2 Responses to Cobra HH50 Wxst – Hand Held, CB Radio, Earphone Jack, 4 Watt, Noise Reduction, NOAA, Dual Watch

  1. Anonymous says:

    First charger was wrong, 2nd charger when plugged into the unit. Shorted out, and ruined the unit. I bought a charger, for my Cobra WSXT 50 walkie talkie. It was supposed to be for charging the batteries. While the re-chargable batteries were in the unit. I was first sent a charger, for the wall outlet. Inside my house, to go into the car power supply port. I don’t know of anyone, who would use this feature. Walkie talkies are meant for outdoor use. So we sent a message to the seller, “DC POWER”. Letting them know, they sent the wrong product. We returned it. and got, what we were told. Was…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very nice piece of electronics…..