Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 40-Channel CB Radio With PA Capability

“For over 50 years of excellence in the CB category, the 29 LTD Classic continues to be the radio standard of the current and future Professional Driver. Now available in a one-of-a-kind chrome finish. The 29 LTD is continued to be manufactured based on the original design which has been known for performance and durability. Professional driver-requested improvements have been made thru-out the years to continue to enhance performance and durability continuing the un-matched Cobra tradition.”

Product Features

  • ONE-OF-A-KIND – The beautiful Chrome finish adds a unique and stylish look to the Cab of your truck. All of Cobras features you love from the 29LTD wrapped in chrome, taking your cab to the next level of style and technology
  • ANTENNA WARNING INDICATOR – Take the guess work out of checkng your antenna, a red light will automaticlaly illuminate if your antenna needs to be checked or calibrated with SWR CALIBRATION for full strength and performance for communication on the road.
  • 4 WATT OUTPUT – Giving you the best range of communication with the maximum power allowed by law.
  • INSTANT CHANNEL 9 – Immediate access to Emergency channel 9 to unsure you’re driving safely from the very beginning.
  • 40 CHANNEL ACCESS – Navigate the complete range of 40 channels for full coverage of CB stations.
  • Pa Capability¿Use Cb Radio As A Public Address System With Pa Speaker
  • Receive Signals Can Also Be Monitored Through Pa
  • Swr Calibration¿Allows Calibration Of Antenna System For Maximum Performance
  • 9-Ft Microphone Cord For Easy Reach Within Any Area Of The Vehicle
  • Front Microphone Connector Allows Convenient Installation In Dash Or Under Dash

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3 Responses to Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 40-Channel CB Radio With PA Capability

  1. Anonymous says:

    It gets out real in my dump truck Can hear it fine The radio is a month old .Started not transmitting other drivers said sounded like crap .Checked everything both ant, cables checked swr all good come to find out a screw fell out of the mike plug and a wire came off at the solder point in mike cord where it screws into the radio .Now cobra electronics wants me to send the radio back to them for repair come on people it is only the mike I bought a new mike I could have the one fixed but I feel they should take care of the problem . Update…

  2. Anonymous says:

    fast shipping, the product works and sounds great within minutes of hooking it up in my peterbilt. the chrime makes it look slic

  3. Anonymous says:

    By far the best low wattage radio you can get. I bought the chrome because it was cheaper than the standard which is a waste because I stashed it in the overhead console of my W900L. Whenever you buy one of these make sure you do three things.1. Chuck the microphone and get an Astatic2. Purchase an Astatic coaxial cable of the exact length you need. Extra cable loops fuzz up your s/rf3. Get a decent antenna. Avoid fire stick and go with something like a Wilson and effing tune…