Browning BR-78 Flat Coil CB Antenna

This Browning Flat Coil Trucker CB antenna is rated at 15,000W and is a total of 63″ inches tall, including its 6″ stainless steel shaft and 49 1/4″ stainless steal tapered whip. It has a flat aluminum coil and plastic steel insulator and a frequency range of 25–30 MHz. Includes a standard 0.375″ x 24 thread CB mounting.

Product Features

  • BR-78
  • Trucker Cb Antenna
  • 15,000w
  • 63″ Tall
  • 6″ Stainless Steel Shaft

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2 Responses to Browning BR-78 Flat Coil CB Antenna

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Antenna, some trimming and patience required. Out the box stock SWR reading was higher than advertised on my antenna mount with an 18 feet run of RG8X. I replaced the bottom antenna shaft with a shorter firestik K-1A Push-n-Twist quick disconnect and things got a bit better with a 1.5 on channel 1 1.9 on ch.20 and a 2.5 on ch.40. I then cut a little bit at a time and things got better and better until I saw ch. 1 start to get worse as ch. 40 got better so I stopped. Overall I took more than an inch off.After finishing with…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Five Stars