AUKEY GPS Antenna for Dash Cams with 4-pin 3.5mm GPS Port and AUKEY Car Camera DR01, DR02, DR02 D and DR02 J

AUKEY Dash Cam Companion
Make good use of the GPS port on your DR01, DR02 and DR02 D Dash Cam and upgrade the dash cam’s capabilities. Instantly have location and speed data stamped on your videos and snapshots along with the time and date. More evidence to protect you against false insurance claims and rising insurance fraud, and to support any insurance claims you have to make.

In-Depth Trip Insight
Get a valuable and fascinating look at your trips. Effortlessly view your dash cam video alongside synchronized route progress on a map with third-party software like the free “Registrator Viewer”. See exact speed and location coordinates, trip time and distance, road names, direction, and more.

Easy Setup
Use the 3M adhesive pad on the back of your GPS antenna to fasten it to your car’s windshield in seconds. Plug the antenna into the GPS port on your dash camera and power on the camera. The GPS coordinates and vehicle speed will be automatically embedded in the footage.

Super-Compact Design
Tiny, black GPS antenna fits almost unnoticed in your car and elevates your dash camera to the next level. Small but powerful must-have accessory exclusively for your AUKEY DR01, DR02 and DR02 D Dash Cam.

24-Month Warranty
Whether it’s your first AUKEY purchase or you’re back for more, rest assured that we’re in this together: All AUKEY products are backed by our 24-Month Warranty.

Model: GM-32
Connector: 3.5mm plug
Cable Length: 1.95m / 6.4′

Product Features

  • Add real-time GPS coordinates and speed data to your AUKEY Dash Cam footage. More detailed information for greater protection in the event of any driving disputes or incidents-and total peace of mind whenever you’re driving
  • Set up your GPS antenna within seconds; 3M adhesive backing ensures secure and long-lasting installation on your car’s windshield. No power adapter needed; powered by the dash cam and its own car charger
  • Use compatible software to view your journeys and conveniently back-up coverage of interesting routes or unexpected incidents
  • Compatible with AUKEY DR01, DR02 and DR02 D Dash Cam
  • Package Contents: AUKEY GM-32 GPS Antenna, User Manual, 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty and Friendly Customer Service

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3 Responses to AUKEY GPS Antenna for Dash Cams with 4-pin 3.5mm GPS Port and AUKEY Car Camera DR01, DR02, DR02 D and DR02 J

  1. Alan W says:

    Worthy of 5 Stars BUT… This works very well with the Aukey DR01 Dash Cam BUT I have one gripe and that is the length of the cable to plug it in to camera. If you follow the guidance in the two user guides (Camera and GPS) it suggests placing camer behind rear view mirror and also the GPS unit now I dont know about your car but if I placed them as far apart as possible (behind the mirror) the distance would be around 6 inches. The unit is supplied with around 3 to 4 feet of none removable cable to connect the two…

  2. Mr Knight says:

    Works well but check GPS chip orientation for your application Works well with the AUKEY DR02 D. Provides speed and position information on the recorded video for both front and rear cameras.The instructions state it should be mounted behind the rear view mirror stuck to the windscreen. In my mind, it is actually designed to be stuck to the dashboard not only because the cable is quite long but also because the GPS chip inside is oriented for dashboard mounting (on the one I received anyway).This meant that on startup when stuck to…

  3. B. Chamberlain says:

    Ausky GPS Antenna Purchased the Aukey GPS Antenna to go with my DR02 Dash Cam. The first one took too long for the GPS icon to turn green, like on one trip it took 10 miles. Reading another reviewers comments, I checked and the GPS chip and it was installed correctly, so I sent the unit back.The replacement works quicker especially if the car is facing south on my driveway, 10 seconds after the Aukey start up logo and If the car is facing north it takes a 90 seconds approx. If I drive off before the GPS…